TDT20 - Enterprise Architecture

Enterprise Architecture, Smart Cities and Value-Added services

Teacher: Sobah Abbas Petersen

Managing very large information systems and huge amounts of data from a variety of sources require a different approach to architecture from the ones we are used to when designing a single system, often within a single enterprise. The availability and access to a variety of data, from IoT and other sources, that are produced and owned by third parties, provide new opportunities and challenges. In this course, the students will acquire a deeper understanding of Enterprise Architecture, the current trends and new and emerging concepts and solutions that have been proposed. We will focus on the role of Enterprise Architecture for cities in their transformation to collaborate with a variety of stakeholders and to provide value-added services to their citizens. 

Learning Goals

Knowledge: The students will obtain a deeper insight into the theories and concepts in the area of Enterprise Architecture and Smart Cities. Knowledge about the creation of value-added digital services will be acquired through the example of a city as an enterprise. The wider terminology, research and standards in the field will be discussed.

Competence: The students should be able to put the subject into a broader technological, business and social context in relation to the impact of data, information systems and services, in the context of a city.

Learning Activities

This course will be seminar-based. The syllabus will be based on a collection of scientific articles. Students will be required to read articles prior to the seminars; the seminars will be interactive sessions, with short presentation of articles by students and open discussions.

Mandatory Activities

Participation in seminars.

The first seminar will be in September.


Oral examination.


 – to be completed

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