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Moving to a new email service - for HiST students

Norsk versjon Flytting til ny e-postløsning for HiST studenter

Moving to a new e-mail service - Students at former Høgskolen i Sør-Trøndelag #

This article is specified for students from former HiST (Høgskolen i Sør-Trøndelag)

New E-mail inbox #

Up until now, you've had your e-mail on HiSTs servers, both your old and new address has been forwarded to the same inbox.

At June 24th, we are creating new, empty mailboxes for all of you on NTNUs Office 365 mailservice. From this date, all e-mails sent to your HiST and NTNU mail-aliases will be directed to the new inbox. You automatically received your NTNU address when you activated your account.

If you do no remember your NTNU username, password or mailaddress, please contact Orakel.
Have you not yet activated your NTNU-account? If you're still studying at NTNU this coming fall, please activate your account as soon as possible. Get started as a NTNU-Student

You can access your new mailbox directly through your web browser, by setting up your account in an e-mail client on your PC, phone or tablet or take advantage of NTNUs free Office 365 service where all the normal office software is available including Outlook. Email for students.

What happens to my old E-mails? #

Your old HiST mailbox will still be available up until September 12th. HiST webmail

The link available from Fronter will be changed, this is to make sure all students are aware of the change.

As of June 24th you will not receive new mails in your HiST mailbox. Mails sent to your HiST address will not be rejected, only redirected to the new mailbox. This will also persist after HiST shuts down its mailservers on September 12th.

We recommend all students to retrieve a backup of all e-mails currently in your HiST mailbox:
You can transfer all your e-mails to your new mailbox (or a different private mailbox), see the link below.
If you only have a few important emails, it might be easier to simply forward these to the new mailbox manually.
Note: It will not be possible to send e-mails to other HiST addresses from your own HiST address as of June 24th. Sending to NTNU addresses and other external addresses is ofcourse possible.

See this guide on how to export and backup mails: Back up and transfer emails and contacts

How will the new mailservice function if I'm both a student and an employee? #

People with both a student and employee affiliation will have their mailboxes combined into one.
This mailbox will reside on NTNUs employee mailserver, and you will have to use settings and webmail intended for employees. 
See this guide for info: E-mail for students with employee affiliation

What happens to my documents in the HiST OneDrive and OneNote? #

Access to the old Office 365 systems, such as OneDrive will as with the email be available until September 12th. If you have files stored in HiST Office 365, we recommend taking a backup and transferring these to your NTNU Office 365. There are several ways to do this, choose whichever suits you best and contact Orakel if you need any help.
Mainly there are three ways:
- Manually download your files and store them in a folder on your computer. Log out from your HiST Office 365 and connect your NTNU Office 365 instead, then re-upload the files to the new server.
- Set up both accounts and transfer the files across, then disconnet the HiST account.
- Export and Import function in Office 365 (Does not work for all Office 365 systems)

Transferring the files using the OneDrive client #

Installing Office 365

Relevant guide from Microsoft

When you have installed Office 365, navigate to

Log in with your HiST info and choose OneDrive from the menu (top left).

Click the 'Sync' Button and choose a location for local storage.

Clich 'Sync Now' in the appearing window.

When you have both accounts connected, you should have them visible in the explorer like shown below:

You can now simply drag and drop the files from 'OneDrive - HiST' to the new OneDrive - NTNU.

Wait for the files to sync (green check mark), then you can disconnect the HiST account.

Right click the OneDrive icon in the bottom right (system tray) and choose 'settings'

Choose 'Unlink OneDrive' (be sure to select the HiST account, not the NTNU account).

Transferring OneNote files using the Office 365 client #

Installing Office 365

Start OneNote and log in with your HiST info.

Go to File and choose 'export'. Choose OneNote-package and select a location to store the file (desktop, documents, NTNU OneDrive).

You can now log out of your HiST Office 365, and re-log with your NTNU info.

Go to File, choose 'Open' and browse to the OneNote-Package you just stored.

Choose a name that clearly shows this is your HiST OneNote, place to store it and click 'create'

Contact #

Phone: (+47) 735 91500 choose 1 for 'student'

Instabart - NTNU student link portal

E-mail for students

Office 365

OneDrive cloud storage

Skype for business

Forwarding from your student-email

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