Extra study halls during the exam period

Norsk versjon - Ekstra lesesalsplasser i eksamensperioden.

Reading room places spring 2017

Silent reading rooms

  • Rooms for individual students to study for exams
Place Room no Weeks See map Note  
Gløshaugen S5 19-23 See map    
  S6 19-22 See map    
  G1 19-23 See map    
Dragvoll D15 19-23 See map    



  • Several groups can share the room
Place Room no Weeks See map Note  
Gløshaugen B22 19-23 See map    
  B23 19-23 See map    
  G21 19-23 See map    
  K28 19-23 See map    
  MA23 19-23 See map    
  MA24 19-23 See map    
  R54 19-23 See map    
  R60 19-22 See map    
  S21 20-22 See map    
  S22 20-22 See map    
Dragvoll D118 19-22 See map    
  DL140 19-22 See map    
  D Rom 6341 19-22 See map    


Reading room places autum 2017

Information about additional reading room places will be announced here before the examination period.


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