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As a lecturer or individual who is responsible for a course, you can change very little, if anything at all, once the course description has been approved and published. This is because the programme description, including course descriptions, is legally binding. Norsk versjon: Endre et emne.

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Major changes #

A course is usally changed during the process of determining the programme description. This process is conducted during the year before the course starts. Changes are normally approved by the Head of Department and the Dean. The changes should be based on the course evaluations included in the quality assurance process.

As the person responsible for the course, you should provide suggestions for changes and contribute with your academic assessments in the programme description process for the coming academic year. The programme description for the current academic year is, in principle, not changeable.

This process allows for adjustment of the assessment system, compulsory assignments and grading rules, etc. There needs to be some kind of support or reason for the changes Any major changes in the academic content can necessitate the creation of a new course.

The course description is entered into the Online Course Planner (Emneplanlegging på nett) in the autumn, in connection with the programme description process for the coming academic year. This is done by the administration or by you as the person responsible for the course. The faculties have different procedures for this.

Minor changes #

When the changes to the programme description for the coming academic year have been approved, you cannot make any significant changes to the course. However, you can make small adjustments during the academic year, within the framework of the course's content and learning outcomes. It is important that you discuss any adjustments you would like to make with the Head of Department and the Head of the Programme Council. The subject is part of one or more programmes of study, and any adjustments can have consequences for the other courses and programmes.

The syllabus can be adjusted from semester to semester, until the submission deadline set by the department. In principle, you can also change the teaching activities during the course, provided they are not mentioned in the course description.

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