Wireless Network Upgrades

NTNU is continuously working to improve wireless(WLAN) coverage and capacity. Commencing autumn 2016 the wireless network upgrade aims to address the ever increasing demands on the service by staff and students at NTNU. This page contains further information about the upgrades.

Information on how to connect to NTNUs wireless network

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Why upgrade the wireless network? #

  • NTNU first started deploying on premises wireless services in 2004. At that time so called “hot spots” were used to deliver coverage and service in refectories and meeting rooms.
  • 2007 saw the installation of a new wireless network covering areas in use by staff and students. This included office space, study areas, lecture theatres and so on.
  • Staff and students at NTNU are increasingly mobile and demand wireless at all times, even when on the move
  • Modern users require higher speeds, better coverage and more mobility than before
  • Students at NTNU wish to collaborate with their peers or work in solitude regardless of their location
  • NTNU wishes to accommodate increased IT usage in research as well as in education

What happens during the upgrade #

Many campus areas owned and leased by NTNU are currently covered by the wireless network deployment implemented in 2007. Starting 2016 the current wireless network will be the subject of a significant upgrade consisting mainly of fitting additional wireless transmitters on campus. Staff and students will therefore notice increased activity by electricians in the affected areas.

The upgrade will happen in three phases:

  • Wireless surveying: NTNU IT will conduct an inspection and survey of the premises, assessing and determining the placement of wireless transmitters
  • Installation: External contractors will be in charge of installing the new transmitters including any additional wiring required.
  • Service switchover: The new wireless transmitters will be operational once all transmitters are in place. At the same time the old wireless transmitters will be turned off.

Wireless transmitter installation guidelines #

The location of the wireless transmitters will be determined during the wireless survey. Wireless networks are based on radio waves and the wireless transmitters must be placed carefully to avoid interference, poor coverage and inadequate performance. The following guidelines govern the placement of wireless transmitters:

  • Wireless transmitters will primarily be placed within rooms (offices, meeting rooms, etc.) rather than hallways and thoroughfares in order to limit their reach and thus prevent undesired interference which causes reduced wireless network quality.
  • Wireless transmitters will  primarily be ceiling mounted in order to maintain a pleasing aesthetic, blending in alongside smoke detectors, fire sprinklers and other building plant required for the safe and efficient operation of the building.

When will my area be upgraded? #

Preceeding the commencement of works a notice will be posted on Innsida in all relevant channels for that particular area, including channels for affected organizational units as well as the channel for the building/area itself.

Radiation #

  • NTNU adheres to all legislation and guidelines pertaining to wireless networks as decreed by ETSI (European Telecommunications Standards Institute) as well as the Norwegian Radiation Protection Authority. The wireless network will under no circumstances utilize radio frequencies that fall outside the permissible range.
  • NTNU relies on the guidelines from the Norwegian Radiation Protection Authority on health concerns regarding the proximity to wireless network radio transmitters.

As NTNU is deploying a wireless network with an increased wireless transmitter density the individual transmitter will operate at a significantly reduced output power level. The maximum transmission power for wireless radios in Norway is 0.1W whereas several transmitters in use by the NTNU wireless network will operate at power levels between 0.006W and 0.013W.

What if I have concerns regarding the upgrade of the wireless network? #

Whether a wireless transmitter is to be removed or not is decided by the individual institute/faculty. Wireless transmitters will not be relocated into hallways or thoroughfares as this will negatively impact the overall operation of the wireless network and cause disruptive interference for other wireless transmitters in the vicinity (see wireless transmitter installation guidelines).

If you have concerns regarding these issues please reach out to your immediate manager/supervisor to address the issue. A request can then be submitted to orakel@ntnu.no in order to have the wireless transmitter removed or to get in touch with the NTNU IT department for further dialogue.

Note: During the upgrade process, all transmitters will be installed in their predetermined locations. If an agreement is made concerning the removal of any individual wireless transmitters during the upgrade process, the relevant transmitters will remain inactive after service switchover and will be physically removed by NTNU IT in order to facilitate any changes of use of the particular area at a later date.

Information on how to connect to NTNUs wireless network

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