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New username, forgot username, change username. Help and guidance for students and staff.

See: Password or IT-services

New student? #

You get a username when you create your user account at NTNU.

New employee? #

You get a username from your local IT support.

Forgotten username #

  • Student: If you have forgotten your username, you can get this by going through the process of getting a new password. During this process, you will be given your username. Orakeltjenesten can also help you if you have forgotten your username.

Change username #

Usernames are created automatically based on first name and last name, and is not normally changed. The very few times it has been done, it is because the username was negatively charged (swearing, sexual, etc.) or had religious significance.

If you want to change your username, the answer is basically no, unless you have very important reasons. Usernames can normally only be changed before the account is used, because it is linked to several areas such as:

  • Network Connection
  • Network Areas
  • Subject and hour registration 
  • E-mail
  • Blackboard

Contact #

Orakeltjenesten can help you if you have a problem

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