Use of your own vehicle

If you use your own vehicle for work-related reasons, you have a right to be reimbursed for your costs according to how many kilometres you have driven.

 Videoguide on smaller reimbursement of travel expenses (Youtube)

Norsk versjon - Bruk av eget kjøretøy

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Travel logbook #

Get a travel logbook (form for vehicle reimbursements) from the personnel portal via Pagaweb. 

Or log in to Pagaweb and find the form:  Log on to PagaWeb 

  1. Choose "Min mappe" in the left hand menu
  2. Click "Oppgaver" to the right of the menu
  3. Choose "Nytt skjema"
  4. Choose "Kjørebok"

You can use Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari and Chrome. Mac users must use Firefox. Linux users must contact Bluegarden. Check browsers and pop-up problems.

Your personal information has already been uploaded into the form.

If the expenses are to be reimbursed by a different department (k-sted), or you wish to add a project number or "analyse", please enter the correct code  in the field "Belastning av kostnader/Overstyr kontering". Do not fill out the field "Art".

Next page shows a summary of the information entered in the form:

More about the use of your own vehicle in the State's personnel handbook (in Norwegian)

Accounting for travel expenses

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