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This page provides instructions for adding or updating content on your profile page. The information you provide on My Profile in Innsida will be visible for anyone on the web on your official NTNU profile page.

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Text on background and activities #

Describe your activities, responsibilities, projects, courses or background in as much detail as you would like.

  1. Go to the My Profile page, choose the Profile tab.
  2. Click on Change link to the right of "Background and activities" field
  3. Paste or draft your profile in the fields provided (Jump to "Paste from Word" tips), in both English and Norwegian if possible.
  4. Use the  formatting toolbar to add headings, create lists, and links.
  5. Click OK when you have finished to save and publish changes.

Use headings #

Headings can help readers recognize the topic of each of your profile sections. Likewise, bold and italic text can help draw readers to areas you want to highlight or draw to their attention. 

Hyperlinks  #

Effective use of links in your text can enable readers to more easily locate information you suggest for their reference in your long biography.  Links should ideally be used on key words from your biography. Avoid "Click here" or "Read more," which fail to tell the reader what they will find on the linked page. 

Tips: creating good links (in Norwegian). 

Paste text from Microsoft Word #

You can use the "Paste from Word" button (with "W" logo) to avoid problems with creating and formatting your text. If you attempt to simply cut and paste directly from Word without first clicking on the "Paste from Word" button on the edit window, it is probable that you will encounter formatting problems, even loading errors.

Key to important functions when editing profile info.

Important buttons and functions for editing #

A  - OK (save changes)

B - Text field for profile info in Norwegian

C - Text field for profile info in English

D - Add hyperlink

E - Paste from Word - recommended

F - Heading styles and levels

G - Expand the editing window (drag the corner to preferred size)

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