Tracking and approve time in iAccess

This is a manual for project managers and other employees who need to track their time worked on a BOA-project.

Norsk versjon: Timeregistrering og godkjenning i iAccess

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Ukentlige timesedler (weekly timesheets) #

Weekly timesheets in iAccess

  1. Choose Ukentlige timesedler in the menu on the left hand.
  2. Click on the date, og scroll back or forth in the calendar until you are at the right week.
  3. If the time sheet for the week not has been created yet, press Opprett
  4. Press + Legg til timeseddellinje (or click on: Sett inn timeseddellinje) if the project you intend to charge time to not is in your list yet.
  5. Select your project, either from your list of favourites or by searching for project number or project name.
  6. Select which task you have been working on
  7. Enter the number of hours worked per day
    1. 0 – 10 hours can be entered automatically, but if you want to enter 11 hours or more on one day you will have to use , (comma) in order to have the system to interpret your input correctly (11 => 0:11, while 11,0 => 11:00)
    2. Any decimals will be converted to minutes (0,2 => 0:12, 7,75 => 7:45 etc)
  8. By expanding the window per project you can enter any comments or elaboration on what you have done during the week or on a particular day.
  9. If the project is one that you expect to work on also in the future, you may select Bevar, which will cause the project to appear automatically on your time sheet when you create your time sheet for any subsequent week.

Tracking time in iAccess

10. When you are done entering all hours that shall be charged to a BOA-project you must submit your time sheet – by pressing Avlever

11. If there are any errors on your time sheet, and none of your hours needs to be approved by the project manager, you might reopen it (by pressing Gjenåpne). Remember to resubmit your time sheet when you are done editing it (pressing Avlever (ref #10)).

Favourites #

As described above is it an option to tick Bevar if you want to have a specific project/task included in your time sheet every time you create a new time sheet.

But if you work on a project more infrequently than every week it might just as effecient to being able to search and select these projects easily, instead of having all projects automatically included in your time sheet. Then the solution is Favoritter.

Tracking time3

You will find Favoritter as a menu item under the heading Timeføring in the menu at the left hand side.

  1. Click + Legg til favoritt if you want to create a new favourite.
    1. Alternatively you can choose to save one of the lines on your time sheet as a favourite.
  2. Select your project by searching on project number or name.
  3. After you have selected the project you will have the option to also select which task your favourite is for. However, it is not mandatory to include task in the favourite, and in such case you will have to select task when you fill in your time sheet.
  4. The first column in the view has the heading Favoritt, and here you enter a name that will make it easy for you to remember which project – and if included which task – your favourite contains.

Approve time #

Approve time in iAccess

  1. Time approval in iAccess is done in Godkjennelsessenter, which you will find in the left hand menu.
    1. Alternatively you will also find time sheets awaiting your authorisation in the overview of your tasks.
  2. The columns Medarbeider, Prosjektnavn og Status contains links that will expand the information you see
  3. At the far left of each line there is a link that will open a separate window where the time sheet lines are specified, including any comments. It is also an option to approve (or reject) the hours in this window.
  4. If you not approve (or reject) the hours on the window where the hours are specified it is possible to approve (reject) directly on the overview of time sheet lines, by pressing the correct icon. When the hours have been approved (or rejected), but prior to leaving Godkjennelsessenteret, you will also have an option to change your mind.
  5. If you have many time sheet lines to approve you will also have an option to authorise all of them, without having to look into the details of all of them. If you press the button for approval of all lines you will be met with a question asking you whether you are sure that you really want to authorise several time sheet lines in a batch.

N.B.: When installing iAccess it has been decided that the project managers own hours will be automatically approved, even if the hours are on a project where it is said that approval of hours is mandatory. You will therefore no longer see your own time sheets on the overview of time sheet lines for approval.
This is a deliberate choice because EU requires that all time sheets are approved by a superior. A specific report is available to the project economists through Maconomy, where they can print a report, which should be presented to the institute leader/head of office for manual approval of your hours.

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