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This site contains information on how to submit your bachelor’s and master’s thesis digitally in Inspera Assessment.

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Writing and submitting your master's thesis | Writing and submitting your bachelor's thesis | Pages labeled with exam

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Submit a bachelor´s or a master´s thesis #

There are separate question sets for submission of bachelor´s and master´s theses. The two question sets are similar to each other, and they are divided into two parts; the first part is where the metadata is filled in, then the file(-s) are to be delivered in the second part.

There are a couple of important points to be aware of:

  • Time - Please calculate enough time for the process of completion and submission; the finalizing and delivery can (and should) not be done in the last minute.
  • Finalize - Before the submitting of the thesis, your thesis will be completed through a finalizing process. This does not take place in Inspera Assessment, but makes sure you deliver a finished product in Inspera. Read more on the wiki page Finalizing the bachelor's and master's thesis.
  • Auto submission - When you upload your thesis and include the metadata in Inspera it will ne automatically submitted by the suste when the deadline expires. This means that you can look through what you have handed in, and change it until the deadline expires. Thus it is not neccessary to contact NTNU with any mistakes you have made unless the deadline has run out. 

Below is a walkthrough of the current question set, explaining the different answer boxes / sections.

Part 1: Information regarding the thesis (metadata) #

The first part of the question set consists of a set of fields where metadata should be filled out. This information is used for the censorship of the thesis, your diploma (the thesis title is printed on the diploma) and for archiving and possible publication of your thesis in NTNU Open.

The illustration below is a preview of part one. Some comments on the different fields:

  • Title: This should be identical to the title written in your thesis. If the thesis is not originally written in English, the field "Title in English" can be used as well. The text filled in here will be transferred directly to the system the diploma is written from, so it is important that this is correctly written.
  • Abstract in Norwegian (or Danish or Swedish) and English: The abstracts must be copied directly from your thesis, so that what is written here is identical to what is found in the thesis. The Academic Regulations require both versions, but you will not be stopped if you have only one of these two abstracts.
  • Language: Select the language you have written your thesis in; this is used for posting and sorting in archiving and publishing.

  • Authors (-e) and supervisor (-e): Use the form as described to make visibility and searchability good for archive and publishing purposes.

  • Publishing: Every thesis will be archived in NTNU's archive. The metadata will always be open and searchable in NTNU's publishing system. Most of the theses written at NTNU are also available / downloadable in the same place, but you decide if you want your thesis to be available. NTNU encourages everyone to publish. Note that if your thesis has an agreement for delayed publishing, it will not be published before agreed upon date is passed. See the wiki page Publishing and delayed publication of theses for more details.

Part 2: Uploading files #

The second part of the question set is where you upload files.

First, the thesis itself is to be uploaded, and at this time your thesis must be finalized (see the wiki page Finalizing the bachelor's and master's thesis for more information) and in .pdf format. Upload the file and look at the status bar if the file is "saved" (see number 7 in the bullet list further up on this page). Once the file is saved, you can click on to the next page.

On the last page you can upload an attachment in the same way - if you have this. An attachment must be saved in .zip format, but inside this zip file you may have included other files. Complete uploading this in the same way as above, by making sure that the file was stored correctly in Inspera Assessment.

Finally, remember to submit your answers by pressing the button which says "Deliver Now". Once done, you have delivered your thesis - congratulations!

Contact & Support #

Orakel Support Services.
Tel:       735 91500

Also see checklists and quick-quides at Inspera’s website.

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