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This site contains information on how to submit your bachelor’s and master’s thesis digitally in Inspera Assessment.

Norsk versjon: Innlevering av bachelor- og masteroppgave - for studenter

Writing and submitting your master's thesis | Writing and submitting your bachelor's thesis | Pages labeled with exam

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Submit a bachelor or a master thesis #

There are separate question sets for submission of bachelor and master theses. The two question sets are almost identical, and they are divided into two parts; the first part is uploading the file(s) and the second is where the metadata is filled in.

There are a couple of important points to be aware of:

  • Time - Please calculate enough time for the process of completion and submission; the finalizing and delivery can (and should) not be done in the last minute.
  • Finalize - Before the submitting of the thesis, your thesis will be completed through a finalizing process. This does not take place in Inspera Assessment, but makes sure you deliver a finished product in Inspera. Read more on the wiki page Finalizing the bachelor's and master's thesis.
  • Auto submission - When you upload your thesis and include the metadata in Inspera it will automatically be submitted by the system when the deadline expires. This means that you can look through what you have handed in and change it until the deadline expires. Thus, it is not necessary to contact NTNU with any mistakes you have made unless the deadline has run out. 
  • You choose whether you wish to publish your thesis, and any attachments, as part of the submission in Inspera. See the wiki page Publishing and delayed publication of theses for more details.
  • Confidential and strictly confidential information should not be included in any thesis handed in through Inspera Assessment. If you are unsure if your thesis should be handed in through Inspera, contact your supervisor and/or faculty. They will help you. 

Below is a walkthrough of the question set in Inspera. Note that the screen shots in this user guide is from the Master thesis question set. The bachelor thesis question set is almost identical, but changed to accommodate bachelor level

Part 1: Information regarding the thesis (meta data) #

The first part of the question set consists of information about the thesis that you need to provide. This is used for your diploma as the thesis title is printed on the diploma, as well for metadata and publishing of the thesis in NTNU Open. This link will provide you with more information about publishing and delayed publication.

Information about obligatory preparation  #

The first window in Inspera provides information about the importance of making a PDF-file of your thesis with the NTNU layout. In other words finalizing your thesis. Follow this link for a user guide to finalizing your thesis. The screenshot below is a representation of how the information page will look in Inspera. It also provides you with a picture of how your thesis should look with an NTNU front page. 

Screen shot: The screen shot is a representation of how the first page in the question set will look in Inspera.

Title and language #

  • Title: This should be identical to the title written in your thesis. If the thesis is not originally written in English, the field "Title in English" can be used as well. The text filled in here will be transferred directly to the system the diploma is written from, so it is important that this is correctly written. 
  • Language: Select the language you have written your thesis in. This is used for posting and sorting in archiving and publishing.

Screen shot: The screen shot is taken from the question set in Inspera, and shows how it will look when you are asked to provide the title and the language your thesis is written in. This will be used as meta data in NTNU Open 

Abstract #

An abstract in Norwegian (or in another Scandinavian language per example Danish or Swedish) and English, is to be provided to complete the meta data. The abstracts must be copied directly from your thesis. 

Screen shot: this is how it will look in Inspera when you are asked to include an abstract in both English and a Scandinavian language

Author(s) and supervisor(s)  #

You should also include the author(s) or supervisor(s) of the thesis. This will prove useful when searching for your thesis or meta data in NTNU Open. Both the author(s) and supervisor(s) names should be written in the following form: Last name, First name(s). The Screen shot below provides you with an example.

Screenshot: The screenshot show how it looks in Inspera when you are asked to provide the name(s) of the author(s) and supervisor(s) of your thesis. It also provides an example. This information will be used in NTNU Open. 

Part 2: Upload files and decisions on publishing #

Upload files #

You will now be asked to upload your thesis as a PDF. Remember to include the PDF you made earlier, with a NTNU front page. You can also upload attachements as a ZIP file. If you are unsure of how to make a ZIP file. See this user guide.

Screen shot: A screen shot of  the hand in page in Inspera -- you will be asked to upload a PDF of your thesis, as well as any attatchments as a ZIP file 

Publishing #

Lastly, you will be asked to consider whether you wish to publish your thesis, and any attachemts you provided. NTNU encourage all students to publish their thesis, as a contribution to NTNUs open research.  The meta data (title, abstract, author(s), supervisor(s), and language) will be published regardless of your choice to publish. However, it will only be included in NTNU Open if you recieved a passing grade. 

The thesis is your intellectual property. Thus, you choose whether it should be published or not. Firstly, you will be asked to choose whether the thesis itself should be published. Secondly you will have to choose whether your attachments, if you uploaded any, should be published. 

Note! #

  • If you choose not to publish the thesis. Neither will the attachments regardless of your choice to publish the attachments. We do not publish attachments without the thesis. 
  • If you do not answer wheteher your thesis should be published, nothing will be published 
  • If you do not answer the question on whether to publish the attachments, they will follow the choice for the thesis
  • If you have an agreement on delayed publication, it will be handled by a member of the administrative staff. Read more about delayed publication and publication in general by visiting this page


Congratulations, you have submitted your thesis!

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Also see checklists and quick-quides at Inspera’s website.

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