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Use Skype for Business on Mac

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This article will give you an introduction to the basic use of Skype for Business on Mac. 

The guide applies to employees.Students can look at this page.

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#

  1. Please enter your email address as the sign-in address.
  2. Press "Continue"
  3. Please enter your NTNU password.

  4. Press "Advanced Options"
  5. Please enter your NTNU username on the format "win-ntnu-no\username" in the User Name field, please note the use of backslash ( \ )
  6. Press "Save".
  7. Press "Sign In".

Calls #

Start a call #

Choose the contact you wish to communicate with. On the right you will see the persons contact card, where you can choose between three conversation methods: Instant message, Video call, or audio call. 

Answer a call #

When a call comes through, a window will appear, containing information on who is calling and with several ways of answering.

Click on the Video icon to make it a video call, or click on the phone icon to just use sound. Click on the red phone icon to refuse the call.

Use audio call controls    #

Click on Call Controls in the top right corner to access the call options control panel. Here you have multiple options for action:

  • If you want to put the call on hold, click on Hold.
  • If you want to transfer the call, click on Transfer.
  • If you want to mute your microphone, click Mute my microphone (microphone icon).
  • If you wish to end the call, click on Hang up. 

Invite more people to a call #

  1. Click on the People-icon in the top right corner of the chat/meeting window.
  2. Enter a name or phone number in the search field and then choose from the results, then double-click to add the person to the call. 

Switch between conversations #

In the Chats tab you will find previous conversations.

Add audio, video, and share your screen #

When in a chat, you can turn it into a call- or video conversation. You can also share your screen.

When you share your screen, the other participants of the conversation can see what you are doing on your computer. This can for instance be used to share a PowerPoint presentation. You can also share your screen while in a call.

Contacts #

Find someone #

Connect with people in your organization, or with friends who have a Skype account.

  1. Click on Contacts to the left in the Skype for Business window and use the search field to find contacts. 

Add contact #

You can add persons to your contact list for easy access.

  1. In the search results, right click on the person you wish to add. Then click Add Contact.

Create a group #

Set up a group for each team you work with so you can quickly see who's available, or communicate with the entire team at once.

  1. Right click on an empty spot in the Contacts tab and click New Group.
  2. Give the group a name. To add contacts to a group, right click on the contact and choose Groups. 

Meetings #

Schedule a Skype for Business meeting #

You can schedule a Skype for Business meeting by using Outlook.

  1. Open Outlook and navigate to your Calendar.
  2. Click on Meeting.

  3. Click Online Meeting->Add Online Meeting. Fill in the invitation as you would for a normal meeting. A link for joining the meeting will be automatically added to the invitation. 

Meeting access #

You can also control the access options for the meeting.

  1. Click Set Access Permissions…
  2. Here you can choose who goes directly into the meeting without waiting in the lobby for approval. 

Settings for presence, audio, and video #

Presence settings #

Presence is automatically set based on your Outlook calendar, but you can change it temporarily if you need.

  1. Click on the name icon.

  2. Click on the status field and choose availability status. 

Choose audio and video devices #

You can use the built in microphone and speakers on your computer or plug in a headset. With regards to video, you´ll need a camera to let others see you in a video call, but it is not necessary with a camera to see others. If you have, you can use the built in camera on your computer, or you can use an external camera. Follow the steps below to choose which devices to use. 

  1. Click Skype for Business on the toolbar and then Preferences
  2. Then click Audio/video.

  3. Choose which devices to use.

Contact #

Orakel Support Services can help if you encounter difficulties or if you have any questions.

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