Responsibilities during the final phase

Who is responsible for what in the final phase of the doctoral programme? Norsk versjon - Doktorgrad - avslutningsfasen

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PhD candidate/Doctoral Candidate #

You are responsible for:

  • Writing your doctoral thesis before the deadline
  • In consultation with your supervisor, applying for approval of your organized academic training
  • Submitting an application for admission to the doctoral examination together with the attachments needed (approval of the training component, copies of certificates, four copies of the thesis, list of publications with form specifying co-authorship).

Supervisor #

Must assess whether the work meets the quality criteria for a doctoral thesis. Your supervisor must also provide a statement on your academic contribution to any co-authored work included in your thesis.

The Department #

Proposes members of an assessment committee and helps to ensure that the assessment and disputation take place before the deadlines.

The Faculty #

Ensures that the assessment and disputation take place before the deadlines. When the assessment committee approves your thesis and regards it as good enough for public defence, the disputation must be planned and carried out.

In this connection, the Faculty must:

  • ensure that the thesis is available at least two weeks before the disputation.
  • obtain the topic for the trial lecture from the assessment committee at least 3 weeks before the disputation.
  • ensure that the topic for the trial lecture is related to the work, but not a central part of it.
  • inform you of the topic for the trial lecture 10 working days before the disputation.
  • obtain a written assessment from the assessment committee for the doctoral thesis, the trial lecture and the defence of the thesis
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