Post-sabbatical reporting requirements

You must submit a report on your sabbatical within one month after your return home. Norsk versjon - Rapportering fra forskertermin.

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Academic report #

You must also submit an academic report within one month after your sabbatical ends. Fill in this form for the academic report (doc) and submit it to the faculty office for your faculty. 

How to write the financial report #

Create a summary showing that the grant has been spent on covering expenses;  the details are here:

This provides more information about how to fill in the settlement form (doc). The payroll services office can also help you if you have questions.

Receipts/documentation #

Prepare documentation for settlement of the funding/grant you have received on an ongoing basis. Original receipts must be shown if they are to be authorized in the settlement. Prepare an itemized statement, for example in a spreadsheet.

Receipts for approved grants to cover expenses such as housing, establishment, air tickets, school fees, kindergarten costs, etc. If you pay tax to the host country, you must provide documentation of this to the tax authorities to avoid double taxation.

Contact information #

If you have questions about pay in connection with a sabbatical, contact:

Local payroll services other sentral  Payroll services

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