Personal information in HR-portalen

(Videresendt fra Personal information in Paga)

All employees must enter information such as next of kin, name changes, or a new address or bank account number in the HR-portal. 

Norsk versjon - Legge til person- og familieinformasjon i HR-portalen

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Examples of personal and family information that must be updated in the HR-portal:

  • Name changes (such as if you get married or divorced)
  • Change of address
  • Next of kin
  • Children you support
  • New bank account numbers
  • Additional tax deductions
  • Employer-issued credit cards

Register personal and family information #

 Log in to HR-Portalen  

  • Choose "Person og familieinformasjon" (personal and family information)

If the form does not appear, check whether it is due to the web browser or a blocked pop up

Personal information #

Under "personinformasjon" you can add your relationship status (sivilstatus), citizenship (statsborgerskap), private telephone number, and e-mail. You can also register your credit card (issued by your employer), children in your care and next of kin.

Employee information #

Under "ansattinformasjon" you can add your bank account number and edit your work related contact information.

Summary #

This page summarizes the changes or entries you have made. Make sure everything is correct and click "send".

Notifications #

You may leave a message along with your entries if needed. Then press "Send" to submit the form.

Related information #

Contact information #

Need help? Find your contact person

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