Parking rules at NTNU

Rules for parking on NTNU property. Applies to employees and students. Norsk versjon: Parkeringsregler på NTNU.

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Everyone has to pay a parking fee to park on NTNU property. Parking control on the university's property is enforced by civil law. This means that NTNU decides the procedures for parking on the university's property. NTNU can add, remove and change parking spaces without approval from the police or Trondheim municipality. 

Current parking arrangements at Gjøvik and Ålesund will not change until later.

Rates  #

Employees and students can also park in zones for visitors’ parking, but will in these cases have to pay 28 kroner per hour. The same rates apply for parking at all campuses.

Parking fee period #

The parking fee applies on weekdays 8 am–4 pm. Parking is free of charge on weekends and holidays.

Payment methods #

There are 3 payment options. You will pay NTNU parking rates, provided that you have registered your vehicle in NTNU's registration number database.

Parking zones #

At all other locations than Gløshaugen, you can park wherever you like provided that you follow the applicable signs.

Employee/student at the Faculty of Medicine (DMF)? See the separate parking information for DMF (in Norwegian).

Parking at Dragvoll #

Parking at Gjøvik #

Parking at Gløshaugen #

  • Zone A – only for employees/students with on-site parking permission, and visitors. Also available for HC, MC. See map (in Norwegian).
  • Zone B – only for employees/students with on-site parking permission, and visitors. Also available for HC, MC. See map (in Norwegian)
  • Zone C – for NTNU employees and students only. No parking for visitors. NB! Employees/students with electric cars have to register in the registration number database to park here. See map (in Norwegian).
  • Zone D – available for all NTNU employees/students and visitors. NB! Employees/students with electric cars have to register in the registration number database to park here. See map (in Norwegian).
  • Visitors’ parking at Gløshaugen – NTNU employees and students can also park in zones A and B as visitors. If they do, they will pay the visitors’ rate (28 kr/hour) instead of the NTNU rate (5 kr/hour)

Parking at NTNU Kalvskinnet #

  • See map (in Norwegian)
  • See map - Arkitekt Christies gate (in Norwegian)

Parking at NTNU Marinteknisk #

Parking at NTNU Skipsmodelltanken #

Parking at NTNU Tungasletta #

On-site parking at Gløshaugen (zones A and B) and Kalvskinnet (Zone A) #

Parking control #

Apcoa Parking is responsible for enforcing the parking system at NTNU. All cars are controlled every day. The officers scan the license plates to check for registration in NTNU's registration number database. If your car is registered in the database, you can pay the NTNU rate (5 kr/hour).

Even if your car is registered in the registration number database, you can get a ticket in the following instances:

  • Using on-site parking in zones A or B at Gløshaugen without permission from HSE or the Human Resources Department.
  • Using a visitors’ parking space in zones A and B at Gløshaugen without paying the full rate of 28 kr/h. In these spaces you have to pay the same rate as regular visitors.

Appealing a parking ticket #

Contact Apcoa Parking if you want to appeal a parking ticket.

Electric cars #

  • Requires registration in NTNU's registration number database. You do not need to activate a ticket in the app.
  • Electric cars do not park for free on the Gløshaugen Plateau. Nearest free parking spaces for electric cars are at Hesthagen (Zone C) or at Valgrinda (Zone D). If you have an electric car wishing to park on the Gløshaugen plateau, you must pay the visitor's rate (28 kr /hour)
  • Cannot park in HC and MC spaces.
  • Visitors have to pay 28 kroner/hour

More information about parking and charging of electric cars at NTNU.

HC parking #

  • Requires a HC certificate issued by the municipality
  • Free parking in all parking spaces, except MC parking and electric car charging stations.
  • Does not require registration in NTNU's registration number database

MC/scooter parking #

  • Free parking only in designated MC parking spaces.
  • No registration in NTNU's registration number database required to use designated MC parking spaces.
  • Regular motorcycles/scooters can park in regular, paid parking spaces, but will in these cases have to pay the fee. To get the NTNU discount, the motorcycle/scooter must be registered in NTNU's registration number database.
  • MC parking spaces are only available for two- or three-wheel motorcycles.


ATV's parked in regular, paid parking spaces are subject to the same fee as regular cars. ATV's cannot park in MC spaces.

Reservation of parking spaces #

NTNU does not reserve parking spaces for visitors, but ensures that there is the correct capacity for visitor available. Visitors will have to pay for parking and must follow the on-site signage.
The hosts at NTNU (ie the specific department responsible for the guests) must make sure to inform about parking possibilities and take responsibility for transport.
Special visitors may arrive with escort. If parking is being checked at this time, the escort must relate to the inspector and follow the instructions given.

Why does NTNU have parking fees? #

The new parking system at NTNU originates from NTNU's environmental ambition (in Norwegian) (pdf), which was passed at a Dean's meeting in 2012. The environmental ambition defines specific objectives within energy consumption, waste, procurement and transport.

General environmental objectives #

"NTNU shall be a leading university in utilising knowledge from its research in its own practice, to secure a environmentally sound activity throughout. This entails that we need to have full control over the environmental impact of our activity, and to make our employees, students and the outside world aware of this.
NTNU shall at all times have specific objectives for reducing environmental impact."

Subsidiary objectives for transport #

"NTNU shall arrange for employees and students to have access to environmentally friendly means of transport in their every day journey to and from the university campuses."

Measures to promote environmentally friendly transport solutions:

  • Carpooling, company buss passes, electric bikes, etc. should take care of service transport
  • Better conditions for cyclists, including more bike sheds and changing rooms
  • Free parking for electric cars

Contact #

Questions related to parking rules: Contact Custodial Service

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