Parental leave

How to apply for parental leave

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Parental leave at NTNU – step by step #

  1. Inform your superior officer about your future parental leave
  2. Fill in the web form “parental leave” by following the link under
  3. Participate in the parental meeting with Fraværstjenesten and your manager
  4. Do not apply for parental benefit from NAV before the meeting
  5. Send a copy of every letter you receive from NAV to your caseworker at Fraværstjenesten as quickly as possible
  6. Contact your caseworker at Fraværstjenesten if you have questions or need guidance

Enjoy your parental leave!

Register your parental leave/sign up for a parental meeting #

At the latest 8 weeks before your first day of parental leave, you need to sign up for a meeting with Fraværstjenesten about your leave. In the meeting, we will guide you through laws, regulations and the application to NAV and NTNU. 

 Register your parental leave here! 

(use your NTNU username and password to log on)

When you send the form to Fraværstjenesten, we will reply with a formal invitation to a meeting concerning your parental leave. You may check your email and calendar for information concerning the meeting.

If there are complicating factors to your leave, to your employment, or if you are planning to stay abroad for the birth and/or during your leave, please write down a few sentences to help us prepare for the meeting.

Please prepare for the parental meeting #

  • Discuss with your partner how you wish to carry out your leave
  • Bring the birth and personal number for your partner
  • Bring your own computer

Do you qualify for the parental benefit? #

There are normally three requirements you need to satisfy in order to qualify for the parental benefit. Read more at NAV.

Contact #

Questions concerning parental leave may be directed to Berit Helde, and Tonje Fiskaa Håvak, HR- and HSE-Division

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