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Students at NTNU are not allowed to resit an exam more than twice. The faculty can grant a fourth attempt. If you can document any special needs, the faculty can grant a fifth and final exam attempt. The number of resits counts towards the course code, not the study admission.

One of the following counts as an exam attempt:

  • When you have passed the exam
  • When you fail the exam, by receiving the grade F or Fail
  • When you fail to meet up for the exam
  • When you do not submit an assessment as part of a course
  • When you have met for the exam, but choose to withdraw during the exam
  • When your exam is annulled due to cheating or attempts of cheating, due to a fabricated certificate or due to other dishonest behaviour, as stated in Uhl § 5-4(3) (in Norwegian)

It does not count as an exam attempt if you:

Transition regulation #

The former study regulations at NTNU had no limitations for resitting exams. For students enrolled at former NTNU before January 1st 2016, exam attempts will be counted from the autumn semester 2016. This also applies for students who have passed the course and want to improve their grade.

The former study regulations at HiST, HiG and HiALS had limitations for resitting exams. This means that exam attempts before January 1st 2016 will count for students that were enrolled at these institutions before 01.01.2016.

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