Mentor program for women

NTNU’s mentor programme for female researchers. Female associate professors can apply to participate.

Norsk versjon - Mentorprogram for kvinner

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What is the mentor programme? #

An experienced person with great integrity and influence in the research community (the mentor) acts as a supervisor and discussion partner for someone who wishes to develop her career  (the mentee). The programme is intended to promote an exchange of learning and experience, as well as to help both parties build their networks and expertise.

Goals #

  • Strategic career development for female associate professors.
  • Facilitate network building.
  • Promote mutual learning and the exchange of experiences.

Cross-disciplinary #

The mentors are male and female professors who have agreed to mentor. The mentors and mentees may come from different academic fields, because the mentor programme is about career development and not academics.

Organization and duration #

  • Duration: one academic year.
  • The mentor and mentee meet once a month for a few hours to chat.
  • The mentor-mentees come from completely different departments.
  • Network meetings with all of the participants are arranged once a month.
  • The mentors receive a course at the beginning of the programme.
  • A conference is arranged at the beginning and end of the programme.
  • The program encompasses 20 pairs of mentors/mentees.
  • The mentor program will be held in Norwegian. For more information about how to apply; Vil du være adept eller mentor? (information i Norwegian).

Contact information #

Kristin Skjeldestad can answer questions about the mentor programme.

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