Master theses and project assignments at the Department of Physics

Norwegian version

The Department of Physics' project and master thesis proposals are published here.

Video from the Department's information meeting about the master possibilities [2017]

The proposals are relevant for the following programmes #

About Specialization Project at the Department of Physics #

Master's Thesis at the Department of Physics #

How is the Master's Thesis assessed? #

Project and thesis proposals from the Department's research divisions #

Applied Physics #

Biophysics and Medical Technology  #

Complex Materials #

Condensed Matter Physics #

Theoretical Physics #

NTNU's resource centre for STEM-education (for MLREAL) #

External proposals in cooperation with the Department of Physics #

Kavli Institute for Systems Neuroscience

Forsvarets forskningsinstitutt 

Haukeland universitetssykehus




SINTEF Multiphase Flow Laboratory

St. Olavs hospital

NTNU Bridge #

  • Go to NTNU Bridge to get in contact with external institutions 

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