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Guidelines for movie viewing at NTNU #

It is allowed for students and academic staff at NTNU to show films in our premises. #

NTNU has entered into an agreement on the right to public performance of audiovisual works, ie movie viewing, on NTNU's premises. The agreement is signed between NTNU and Motion Picture Licensing Company Norge AS (MPLC), which licenses the right to public view of film/audiovisual works on behalf of a number of licensees.

Public viewing of copyrighted films #

The license grants the right to public display of cinematographic works, licensed feature films and other protected audiovisual programs and productions by the licensors represented by MPLC.

The permit only applies to NTNU's premises #

The license entitles you to movie viewing on these premises:

  • Public performance for the audience must only take place on NTNU's premises.
  • The license applies to all students and academic staff at NTNU. Scientific staff means anyone who teaches students at NTNU in the form of lectures, seminar groups or the like.

Supplier Information #

List of MPLC's Affiliates (Rightsholders)

Terms of agreement for viewing film/MPLCaudiovisual works at NTNU

Manufacturer: See more about MPLC movie viewing at MPLC

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