This overview describes the most important types of insurance cover for employees at NTNU. Statens personalhåndbok (SPH, the Personnel Handbook for State Employees, in Norwegian) describes the schemes in more detail.

Note: For most of these insurance policies, you need to be a member of the Norwegian National Insurance Scheme (

Norsk versjon: Forsikringer

Occupational injury insurance #

Occupational injury insurance in the Norwegian Public Service Pension Fund (Statens pensjonskasse) applies to all employees at NTNU. This means that you have a statutory right to compensation if you sustain a work-related injury or illness

Employees covered by the Basic Collective Agreement for the civil service (hovedtariffavtalen), Statens personalhåndbok, chapter 7.3.24, are also covered by the agreement’s collective provisions on benefits in the event of occupational injury.  The injured person is entitled to compensation in accordance with the regulations which provide the best compensation as a whole

If you are affected by an accident, this must be reported immediately via NTNU’s system for reporting incidents (avvikssystem).

The employer is also obliged to inform the Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration (NAV) as soon as possible if an employee sustains an injury or illness that may entitle them to coverage for occupational injury. Injury resulting in death or serious injury that causes permanent or long-term incapacity for work must be reported to the Norwegian Labour Inspection Authority (in Norwegian).

Group life – if an employee dies #

The group life insurance scheme is not included in the rights of members of the Norwegian Public Service Pension Fund, but it is part of the pay conditions for employees who are covered by the Basic Collective Agreement in the State. This means that the scheme applies to virtually all State employees, including temporary staff and part-time employees who have regular weekly working hours.

The size of the insurance payment is linked to the basic amount (G) of the National Insurance Scheme (Norwegian):

  • If you are survived by a spouse, cohabitant or partner, the amount is 10 times the basic amount (10 G).
  • In addition, each child under the age of 25 is paid 4 G.
  • If you are not survived by a spouse, cohabitant or partner, each child under the age of 25 is paid 5 G.
  • When the insurance is paid to the deceased person’s estate, the payment is 3 G.

Work-related travel in Norway #

Employees of the State are covered by occupational injury insurance during work-related travel in Norway (link in Norwegian) for the time during which they perform work on the journey. Employees also have accident insurance coverage during the entire journey (24-hour coverage) in accordance with the special agreement for domestic travel at the State’s expense (særavtale for reiser innenlands for Statens regning – link in Norwegian).

Travel abroad #

If you are an NTNU employee on a work-related trip or have a posting abroad, you are covered by separate insurance schemes (in Norwegian), including the special agreement on insurance and compensation schemes (særavtale om forsikring- og erstatningsordninger) for government employees on work-related travel and postings abroad.

Family members who relocate with civil servants to a work location abroad are covered by a separate accident insurance policy (link in Norwegian). The insurance scheme includes the spouse, partner, cohabitant and children up to the age of 18, or if applicable up to and including the year that the child completes upper secondary school.

IMPORTANT: If you stay abroad for a long period, you may not have the same rights in connection with illness or accidents that you would have when you are in Norway. For further information, see the NTNU Innsida page on insurance and social security benefits while abroad.

Compensation for loss of personal belongings in service #

Baggage for the personal use of government employees during work-related travel is insured according to the special agreements for domestic and international travel at the State’s expense, under Section 13 of both agreements; see Section 9.2.13 and Section 9.3.13 (in Norwegian)

Insurance against loss of NTNU’s assets  #

The State is a self-insurer, which means that units at NTNU will generally not enter into special insurance agreements and must cover any loss and theft of equipment from their own resources. Insurance can be purchased in special cases. These include taking expensive technical equipment into dangerous situations or countries with a high risk of theft. Further information is available (in Norwegian) in Statens personalhåndbok Section 4.2 and Section 9.3.13.

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