Horizon 2020

Horizon 2020 - external consultants

Assistance from external consultants for read-throughs and comments on application ideas and drafts. Get help with your application from experienced advisers who have specialized in applications for the EU's Frame Programme for Research and Innovation.

Norsk versjon: Horisont 2020 - eksterne konsulenter

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Schedule a counselling session #

  • Contact your EU adviser for help with scheduling an appointment with a consultant.
  • EU projects where NTNU is applying as a coordinator will be prioritized.
  • NTNU will normally cover these costs, provided that the services fall within the purchase agreement. Additional services are covered by the applicant, or you can apply for them to be covered in the PES application.

Consultants #

To increase participation in Horizon 2020, NTNU has signed a contract for consulting services with:

EMG (Europe Media Group) for courses in «H2020 for beginners» and «Writing H2020 applications». The courses are held every semester and are announced on Innsida.

For development of ideas and review of draft applications, we have two alternatives:

a) PNO Consultants, a large consultancy based in the Netherlands, which has many consultants with a wide variety of expertise, and

b) Trend2000 through Peter Sheard in the United Kingdom, a highly experienced, skilled and critical consultant.

For courses, workshops and reviews of draft applications aimed specifically at the ERC, we have:

a) Yellow Research through Mette Skraastad in the Netherlands, a highly capable, experienced, and critical consultant, and

b) Trend2000 through Peter Sheard for review of draft applications.

Contact #

Always contact your faculty's EU adviser to order external consulting services in idea development or review of draft applications. These services are a limited resource, and applicants who plan to coordinate their applications will be given priority.

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