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As a student at NTNU, you might sometimes experience that the teaching, information security or equipment is not as expected. NTNU encourages you to speak up about these things in order to improve the situation and to make sure that the teaching environment is satisfactory and that health, environment and safety conditions for students and staff are adequate. Below you will find information about how to act when facing various incidents or discrepancies, and who to contact when such situations arise.

Escape routes #

Always familiarize yourself with the escape routes from the rooms you are using, be it lecture rooms, the cafeteria, library or the sports facilities.

When the fire alarm sounds #

Leave the building immediately and move away from the entrances. Follow the directions from the people wearing yellow or orange vests.

Damage to people, environment or property #

  • Circumstances that might put life and health at risk (very serious deviations from the HSE regulations)
  • Violation of laws and regulations, ethical norms and serious incidents that might damage the reputation of the university or society at large
  • Hazardous situations  and near accidents
  • Ongoing problems with the indoor air quality

If you experience any of the above-mentioned problems, it is extremely important that you report these discrepancies.

Speak up! Report problems or discrepancies

See also more information about reporting non-conformances.

Unacceptable behaviour and harassment #

Any type of bullying, discrimination or harassment shoud be reported. It is also very important to report violation of laws and regulations, ethical norms as well as situations that may harm the reputation of the university or society at large.

NB! Whistleblowing should not be reported using the online report form. This is due to privacy regulations and personal security.

 You may discuss cases of this nature with your teacher, Head of Department, Head of Section or the Vice Dean of Studies at your Faculty. You may also contact your student council representative.

How to handle unacceptable behaviour, harassment and conflicts

Problems concerning teaching quality and learning environment #

If the teaching quality and learning environment do not adhere to NTNU’s guidelines, e.g. if the course you are following is not evaluated or the results of the evaluation are not acted upon, you can report a discrepancy through NTNU’s online system. You may also contact the Head of Department or a student adviser.

Assistance on campus #

Burglaries of burglary attempts, water leakages or other urgent situations must be reported to Security Services/Duty officers.

Information Security #

You may report discrepancies related to information security. Examples of discrepancies are information which has fallen into the wrong hands, data loss or inaccessible computer systems. It is particularly important to report discrepancies related to lost data or erratic processing of data which contain sensitive or personal information. 

Fieldwork or excursions #

If you are planning fieldwork or excursions, this must be organized in cooperation with the teachers and the department according to current routines.

Student insurance schemes #

See overview (only available in Norwegian) of the various insurance schemes available to students enrolled in teaching, practice work and who partake in fieldwork or excursions.


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