Guidelines for physical attendance on campus

Temporary guidelines governing physical presence on campus due to coronavirus 

Norvegian version: Retningslinjer for oppmøte og besøk på campus 

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For employees, students and partners with activities on campus

Type of documentGuidelines
Managed byCentral emergency response management
Approved byCentral emergency response manager
Effective from10 July 2020
Effective untilUntil further notice
Exempt from public accessNo
ReferenceThe Government’s central policy of 12 May 2020 – “Ytterligere åpning av universiteter og høyskoler” (Further opening of universities and university colleges)
Reference internal documentsIncident management related to COVID-19 in central emergency response management, letter from the Rector about returning to the Campus from 10 August 2020.
Incident management related to COVID-19 in central emergency response managementPolicy for emergency response capacity

The Government’s central policy of 12 May 2020 – “Ytterligere åpning av universiteter og høyskoler” (Further opening of universities and university colleges) – forms the basis for these guidelines.

Reopening of universities and university colleges has now been decided on. NTNU will be reopened from 10 August 2020, according to the Rector's letter. See also NTNU’s guidelines for infection control and steps to reduce transmission.

General requirements #

Staff and students MUST #

Students and staff can be present on campus when they #

  • Have clarified the use of premises and any rotation schemes with their manager.
  • Have been free of symptoms for 1 day, if they have had a respiratory tract infection.
  • Live with someone or have been near to someone who has symptoms of acute respiratory tract infection, where COVID-19 is not confirmed or likely.
  • Have an identified pollen allergy or other known respiratory condition with typical symptoms (runny nose with clear nasal discharge, watery/itchy eyes).

Students and staff must NOT be present on the campus if they #

  • Have symptoms of an acute respiratory tract infection, or suspected COVID-19 infection. If they have tested negative for corona, they still have to stay at home until they have been free of syptoms for 1 day
  • Are waiting for the result of a corona test. If they become free of symptoms while they are waiting: Wait for a clarification from the municipal health service, or contact their general practitioner to get a medical assessment on whether they can return to campus or not
  • Have confirmed COVID-19. 
  • Live with, or have eqiuvalent close contact with a person who has confirmed COVID-19. 
  • Are in quarantine, or isolation.

Managers MUST #

  • Ensure that, before reopening, a risk assessment has been done in connection with infection control and the total burden. Measures must be implemented and made known.
  • Assess the number of employees and students who are granted access to premises; consider rotation schemes for the use of premises and assess who can continue to work or study from home.
  • Ensure that visitors needing acces to campus, e.g service personell and craftsmen are introduced to NTNU infection control guidelines and local routines.
  • Ensure that the premises and workspaces are organized to enable compliance with the rules on infection control.
  • Ask whether staff and students have completed the mandatory infection-control course.
  • Maintain dialogue with partners, such as SINTEF, and dialogue between different NTNU units in the same location. In Gjøvik and Ålesund, the Vice-Rectors are responsible for maintaining this dialogue. 
  • Maintain close dialogue with students and staff who are studying or working from home for various reasons.
  • Upon request, assist the municipal health service in infection detection.

Use of campus areas #

This section has been removed and is now available in a new guideline: Guidelines for the use of campus areas

Change history #

Latest update 10 August 2020

The section "Use of campus areas" has been removed and is now available in a new guideline: Guidelines for the use of campus areas

For further change history, see the Norwegian version.

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