Grading in Inspera Assessment - for employees and graders

This page includes information and resources for how to digitally grade in Inspera Assessment

Norsk versjon - Sensurere i Inspera Assessment - for ansatte og sensorer

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 Login to Inspera

If you are unable to log in, please see this guide.

NTNU is planning to gradually implement the new grading tool in Inspera, Marking 2.0, in the autumn term 2020. If you wish to explore the new tool, see further information about the implementation of the new grading tool and links to relevant user guides here. An e-learning course about grading in Inspera using the new grading tool is also available .

Prior to the exam 

Before grading can start there are several settings that need to be in place. These are managed through dialogue between the course coordinator and the administrative staff. As an external grader at NTNU you may have to provide the information needed to gain access to grading in Inspera Assessment. See information below. 

Preparing grading – Dialogue between course coordinator and administrative staff

Before the grading can start, the course coordinator and administrative staff must agree upon the grading workflow. As well as make sure that all graders are registered correctly. 

Access to grading in Inspera Assessment for NTNU employees

All academic staff at NTNU should automatically get access to Inspera as a grader. Please note that before you may start grading:

  • You must be assigned as a grader in the course by the course coordinator and administrative staff. If you are new to Inspera, you may be unable to login until you have been assigned as a grader, as this informs the system that you need access.
  • The exam must be “ready for grading” in Inspera. This means that the deadline for submitting the exam has passed. You will not be able to view answers before this deadline.

If you are unable to find answers in Inspera this often casued by (1) that the submission deadline is yet to expire or (2) that some administrative work needs to be done to prepare grading. In that case, contact the administrative staff in charge of exam administration at your department.

For access to Inspera’s authoring tool for question sets, see this user guide for access to Inspera.

See the page: Sensurprosessen i Inspera Assessment - for administrativt ansatte to learn more about the necessary setup for grading. This article is aimed at administrative staff, and it is unfortunately only available in Norwegian.

Access to grading in Inspera Assessment as an external grader

For access to Inspera as an external grader, the following must be in place:

  1. You are assigned as a grader at the faculty responsible for the course.
  2. You have access to NTNU’s IT-systems through NTNU’s access arrangement. This will be done the first time you are a grader, or potentially again if there has been a long time since the last time you were a grader. To get access you must:
    1. Fill out and submit the access agreement you are sent, digitally.
    2. You must have access to ID-porten. If you do not have access to, or do not wisht to use ID-porten you may log in through FEIDE by using a NTNU user account. Information about how to activate your NTNU user account, may be found by following this link. (Need information about FEIDE? follow this link) Graders without a Norwegian ID-number are obligated to activate their user account.
  3. Be assigned as a grader to an exam which will be graded in Inspera. This is done by the administrative staff at the deapartment you are grading for. Inspera will send you an automatically generated email when the test is ready for grading. If you do not receive this email, you might be registered with an outdated email address. If so, please contact the department.
  4. The exam must be “ready for grading” in Inspera. This means that the deadline for submitting the exam has passed. You will not be able to view answers before this deadline.

If you are unable to find answers in Inspera this often cause by (1) that the deadline is yet to expire or (2) that some administrative work needs to be done to prepare grading. In that case, contact the administrative staff in charge of exam administration at your department.

Additional information about grading at NTNU

The following information may be relevant for your assignment as a grader. You may also receive supplementary information from the department you are grading for.

The Grading Workflow in Inspera

1. Login in to Inspera

Login with ID-porten or your NTNU user account with FEIDE, by following the link below.

Login to Inspera

See this user guide if you are unable to login.

 Video: The video shows how to log in to Inspera as a grader. The video is in Norwegian, however English closed captions are available

2. Assessing the submissions - Including tips for using Inspera’s native assessment tool.

See Inspera’s user documentation for grading candidates. See also Inspera’s video on how to mark candidates. The following articles may also be relevant for your grading:

There are unfortunately no current way of changing the weighting for questions in Inspera during grading. Mistakes in the alternatives for multiple choice excercises must unfortunately be manually corrected for each student. Follow this link to the user guide for how to override automatically awarded points in Inspera. Inspera is working on improving these aspects as a part of the new grading tool.

3. Confirm your grades

See the user documentation for confirming your grades by following this link. Other graders will not see the grades you have awarded until you have confirmed your grades.

If the grading is a collaboration between graders, the confirmation of your own grades is not used. This is referred to as “shared assessment”, and may be used when one grader has assessed exercise 1-3, while another grader assessed exercise 4-6. The graders can observe, and change points awarded and final assessment on all exercises, which makes the distribution of grades to the different exercises important.

If you are a part of multiple commissions, the exam may be set up so that you may either (1) approve every commission separately, or (2) approve all commissions you are connected to together.

4. Complete final grades

Follow this link for documentation for how to complete final grades.  

Depending on the set up of the exam, either one or all the graders must complete the final grades.

5. Announcing grades to the students

After the graders have completed the final grades, the administrative staff will transfer the grades to NTNU’s student administration system. This also triggers the publication of grades to the students in Studentweb (see this link if you are interested in the workings of Studentweb). Thus, the grades will not be published when you approve the grades, but when the administration transfer them.

Additional relevant information regarding grading.

Plagiarism control

Inspera uses Urkund to conduct plagiarism control. See the user guide on how to use Urkund in Inspera in this link.

See also the information about cheating on exams at NTNU by following this link.  What is regarded as cheating will depend on, among other, which expectations for reusing and citing other works the exam has. Different degrees of similarity between texts with other sources/documents must therefore be assessed individually in each occurrence.

Registering grades in Inspera - without submission in Inspera (written exam on paper, oral exam, portfolio assessment etc.)

Registering grades digitally in Inspera replaces the grading protocol and assessment sheets on paper. Inspera may be used to register final grades, as well as parts of final grades, where the exam itself is not conducted in Inspera. Examples of situations where digital registration of grades can be used are: an oral or practical exam, a written exam on paper, or a final grade in a portfolio assessment.

 Video: The video shows how to register grades digitally in Inspera. The video is in Norwegian, however English closed captions are available

In grade registration tests you will see all candidates registered for the course. You must grade only the candidates who have submitted/attended the exam. Other candidates must not be graded.

Grade using Excel

Many graders prefer importing grades from Excel for grade registration tests, rather than entering the grades directly in Inspera. This is often used for courses with several parts of assessment, where the calculation of the final grade is done outside of Inspera.

When importing grades from Excel, please note

  • Alphabetical grades (A-F) must be written in capital letters, and pass/not pass must be written as Pass/NotPass.
  • Grades from the Excel file will overwrite any grades registered directly in Inspera. 
  • You can upload new Excel files whenever you like. New uploads will overwrite previous uploads.
  • Empty cells in the grade column in Excel will not overwrite grades already registered in Inspera.
  • If you have graded a candidate by mistake, you can remove/reset the grade by clicking the "undo" button under "Your grade".
  • After importing a grade from Excel, you can change it by clicking another grade.
  • Remember to confirm the grading when you have completed the grading.

See also: Registering graded in portfolio assessment 

Explanation of grades and appeals on final grades in Inspera

On this page you will find information about handling explanations of gradees and appeals. While marking, you may write private notes and comments in the grading tool. These may help you if you are to give the candidates an explanation of their grade. 

Compensation for grading assignments

Please contact the department responsible for the grading assignment for how (and if) you are to receive compensation for the work.

Help and support

  • Problems logging in: Orakeltjenesten 73 59 15 00 /
  • Academic inquiries about the course and the exam: The department responsible for the exam
  • Administrative inquiries about the exam, including candidates and the grading: The department responsible for the exam
  • This user guide and use of Inspera: please contact the exam office at
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