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On this page you will find information and links for how to grade in Inspera Assessment. This page is under construction, and in time the content will be replaced with NTNU spesific content. 

Norsk versjon - Sensurere i Inspera Assessment - for ansatte og sensorer

Digital Exam |FAQ - This article only exists in Norwegian

 Log in to Inspera  

Having trouble logging in to Inspera? You may find answers on this page about how to log in to Inspera at NTNU 


The Grading Process #

For the students to have access to his or her grade in Studentweb the grading process needs to be followed. The grader is responsible for the following: 

  1. Grade Candidates
  2. Confirm Your Grades
  3. Complete Final Grades
  4. Confirme Final Grades

The student will not automatically see his or her grade when the final grades are confirmed by the grader. A rutine that includes the administrative resource at your Institute and the Exam Office will be conducted after the grades are confirmed. This rutine ensures that the students that are supposed to recieve grades, recieve grades. And that the students that are not supposed to be awarded a grade is registrated with the correct status.

Digital Registration of Grades #

The registration of grades in Inspera Assessment is a functionality that covers grading of oral exams, practical exams, analog exams, and portfolio assessment with the possibility of registrating a grade on TOPP.

The Grading of Group Exams #

Grading of group exams is at large the same process as grading individual exams. However, one aspect distinguishes the grading of group exams from individual exams. If one of the students in the group is given a grade, all of the other students in the group will automatically be awarded the same grade. This means that it is not possible to award individuall grades in a group exam in Inspera. If the students are supposed to recieve individual grades this is solved by creating an additional individually graded test in Inspera. In this test it will only be possible to digitally registrate grades. If just the individual grade is going to be published to the students, you should only confirme the final grade of the individual test in Inspera. 

Useful Tools for Grading in Inspera   #

There are several settings and possibilities in Inspera Assessment that can improve and specialize the grading process. 

  1. Use Filters when Marking the Candidates
  2. Utilize the Candidate List as a Tool when Grading 
  3. Annotations in Inspera
  4. Override Automatic Scores
  5. Using Threshold Values
  6. Plagiarism Control
    1. Plagiarism - Urkund in Inspera
    2. Plagiarism Control at NTNU 
    3. Understandig the Urkund Analysis Report
  7. Scanned Hand Drawings (Scanning of parts of the Exam) - Only in Norwegian 
  8. Grading Event Log
  9. Justifications in Inspera - Only in Norwegian 
    1. Administrated Justifications - Only in Norwegian 
    2. Non-administrated Justifications - Only in Norwegian 
  10. Download and Read Exams on Paper
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