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Information, questions and answers about exam and corona - for students.

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FAQ - Frequently asked questions  #

Will there be exams with physical attendance on campus in spring 2020?

No. Due to the extraordinary coronavirus situation, NTNU has decided that exams involving physical attendance on campus will not be held in the spring of 2020.

The reason for the decision is that NTNU wants to help reduce coronavirus transmission.

Does this mean that the exams will be cancelled? #

No, it does not mean that the exams will be cancelled. NTNU is now doing everything we can to ensure that digital home exams and oral exams using digital tools can be implemented for as many students as possible. For every course, possible changes to the form of exam are being evaluated, for example from a traditional exam written on campus to a digital home exam or from an oral exam in person to an oral exam using videoconferencing. Any changes in the form of exams will be announced in Blackboard or via email. Announcements about this will not be made until early April.

Do home exams take place as usual?  #

Home exams scheduled for the spring of 2020 will take place as usual.  

Change in form of exam  #

NTNU is working to ensure that all exams can take place in the spring of 2020, and we are looking at whether it is possible to change the written and oral exams that need to be taken on campus so that they too can be taken at home. A message about any changes will arrive in your course room in Blackboard or in alternative channels used for the course.

Can the form of assessment/exam be changed back?  #

If the form of assessment/exam is changed to home exams, can we change back to exams written on campus if it turns out that the university can open before the exam period?   

Changed assessmentexam is final and may not be reversed. This to ensure predictability both for students and for those who are making arrangements for holding exams. 

Re-sit exams – what rules apply? #

If the form of assessment/exam is changed, the rules for re-sit exams for the new form of assessment/exam will apply. This means that the same rules will apply to re-sit exams for all students taking home exams, whether a home exam was planned from the start or the exam has been changed to a home exam due to coronavirus. 

For home exams, the rules for re-sit exams are different from the re-sit rules for traditional exams written on campus.  

Re-sit exams in August 2020 will be held online, without physical attendance on campus. #

The decision applies to all courses, including those that had ordinary exams in the autumn of 2019, with both written and oral forms of assessment.

The Rector’s decision is based on a full assessment of the authorities’ decision on gradual reopening as well as compliance with infection control rules, in terms of available premises, access to invigilators, and giving priority to using the campus for student activities.

NTNU is now evaluating which courses will have their assessment form changed to online home exams or online oral exams. Up-to-date information about new forms of assessment, if applicable, will appear at the top of the course description. Information on changes in forms of assessment is being updated continuously and all course descriptions should be updated by 22 July. 

The grading scale may be changed #

The grading scale may be changed to pass/fail, as long as no letter grades have already been given for assessment of part of the course in the 2019/20 academic year. 

Online oral exams via Zoom #

If a re-sit exam becomes an oral exam, it will be conducted as an online oral via Zoom.

See: Digital oral exams - for students

Exams cancelled in spring may be held with physical attendance on campus in the autumn. #

Some exams were cancelled in the spring of 2020 because they could not be converted into other forms of assessment. These will now be given priority and only these exams will be held with physical attendance on campus. These exams are scheduled to be held during week 24 or weeks 32-34, in accordance with the infection control measures in effect.

Can the time that was originally set for an exam be changed?  #

No. The time that has already been announced to students will remain. For example, if a written exam was originally set up with four hours, the home exam must also be completed within the same four hours. This answer applies to questions about extending the time as well as shortening it. 

Change of grading scale #

If the form of assessment for a course is changed, then the grading scale for the course can be changed from letter grades to pass/fail.

When will I know if my exam has changed? #

Up-to-date information about new forms of assessment, if applicable, will appear at the top of the course description. Information on changes in forms of assessment is being updated continuously and all course descriptions should be updated by 22 July. 

What to do:

The exam form will also be published in StudentWeb. In addition, you will get a message from your course teacher in Blackboard or other course room that is used in the course.

Individual adaptation of exams #

Do you have a disability and need adaptation of your exam because of the changed exam form? 

Contact the Examinations Office:

Send an email to: or phone: (+47) 73596600 

Further information about NTNU special-needs accommodations

Extended time #

If you have been granted extended time for exams to be written on campus, you will receive the equivalent extension for home exams in courses where the exam form has been changed.

Delayed registration #

For students who have had to cancel exchange visits and have questions about delayed registration, contact your student adviser.

Should I give priority to practical training or to submitting my bachelor’s/master’s thesis? #

If you are doing practical training or have been asked to help with extra shifts in connection with the coronavirus situation, you must consider whether you need to ask for an extended deadline for submission.  

Can I get an extension to the deadline for submission if I give priority to work because of the corona situation? #

Each faculty decides which procedures must be followed for extending deadlines for submission. We encourage you to monitor the information that your faculty posts.

What happens if I get sick during exams? #

Can I use self-certification for absence from exams? #

Self-certification will be approved for illness. If you are ill or for other compelling reasons you cannot participate in an exam, NTNU will approve self-certification ("egenmelding") as legitimate absence from the exam in the spring of 2020.

This applies both to absence related to the extraordinary coronavirus situation and absence due to illness with other causes. Mandatory quarantine, where you are otherwise in good health, is not a valid reason for not taking a home exam. 

You must still submit an application to get absence approved as legitimate, but you do not need to attach documentation from a doctor or health professional.

For application form, see the page  "Illness during exams".   

Application form and deadline #

The deadline for applying for legitimate absence is at the latest one week after the first examination that the absence applies to.

For application form, see the page "Illness during exams".   

Illness during exams  #

If you become ill during an exam, you use the same form for self-certification (see the page "Illness during exams"). Do not submit your exam answer paper in such cases. If you have submitted the exam answer paper, this will override a self-certification of absence that you submit afterwards. In other words, you cannot withdraw an exam answer paper after you have submitted it. 

What grade do I get if I take an exam to improve my grade when the grading scale for the course has changed?  #

  • In the spring of 2020, for some courses you need to be prepared for a change from letter grades to the use of pass/fail grading.
  • If you take an exam to improve your grade, you will be assessed using the grading scale that applies to the course when you take the exam again.
  • If, because of a change in the grading scale, you do not want to take the exam again, you can withdraw from the exam and consider taking it again later if the course is assessed using letter grades later. The deadline for withdrawal is 14 days before the exam date and it will be announced in Student Web.
  • If you have registered for the exam and still want to take it even though the grading scale has been changed to pass/fail, you will keep your previous registration for the exam - you do not need to take any action to confirm this.
  • If you do not pass, the letter grade you previously had will be left standing.

Deadline for grading  #

The grading deadline is as usual 3 weeks after the assessment date, but NTNU may extend the grading deadline if conditions related to the coronavirus make it not possible to provide the required number of qualified examiners necessary to complete grading by the ordinary deadline. Any extension of the grading deadline may not exceed two weeks beyond the ordinary grading deadline. 

Consequences for further admissions #

What will the consequences be for admission to master’s programmes if you change many courses in a bachelor’s degree to Pass/No Pass instead of letter grades? 

NTNU are looking at the rules for admission and the adjustments that should be made due to the corona crisis. It is too early to say anything about this at this stage. 

What percentage of the exam must be correct in order to get a Pass grade?  #

If change to Pass/No Pass, what percentage of the exam must be correct in order for the student to get a Pass grade? 

The requirements for passing an exam are an academic issue. The teaching staff must evaluate this when they prepare the exam question paper and the grading guidelines for examiners.  

Exam at home in another time zone  #

What will happen when students who are stuck in another country need to take exams at home – will NTNU be able to set up an exam for a student in another time zone? 

NTNU will not be able to schedule exams based on other time zones, and the students that this applies to will need to take the exam, for example, at 02.00 at night. 

Will Safe Exam Browser be used for home exams? #

No, home exams will be performed without any lockdown features, in your regular web browser.

Hand drawings and home exams  #

It will be possible to conduct home exams where students need to draw or do calculations by hand. 

The solution requires students to digitalize sketches themselves, for example using the camera on their mobile phone, and submitting them digitally in Inspera.

See Information for students regarding home exams which utilize hand drawings.

Digital oral exam #

Read more about digital oral exam.

See also #

For students: Message about changes in exam arrangements.   

For employees: Message about change of assessment form.

If you do not pass, the letter grade you previously had will be left standing.

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