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What are the normal office working hours? #

The normal workday extends from 08.00 to 15.45 from 1 September to the end of April, and shifts to 08.00 to 15.00 from 1 May to the end of August. Some departments or groups have "core work hours", during which you as an employee are expected to be at the office, at your desk. Check with the personnel division in your department to see what the policy is on work hours.

When do I get paid? #

NTNU deposits your pay in your Norwegian bank account on the 12th of each month. If the 12th falls on a weekend, your pay will be deposited on the Friday before the weekend. Note that your June pay will also include 25 days of holiday pay. 

What do I do if sickness occurs? #

In order to be entitled to self- certified sick leave, you must have been an employee at NTNU for over 2 months. In cases of becoming ill before 2 months of employment, a doctor- certified sick leave is required

If you get sick – or if you have to stay at home with a sick child – you need to tell your immediate supervisor as soon as possible. As soon as you return to the office, you should register your sick leave in the HR-portal.

More about illness and sick leave

How do I book a meeting room? #

You can use the calendar on your PC or mobile device to book a meeting room and invite colleagues to your meeting.

What is the English translation of ---- ? #

NTNU subscribes to Ordnett, an online dictionary that helps you translate from and to Norwegian from many different languages including English. You can access this from your PC at work, or via VPN at home. Other tools can be found at Stewart Clark's English Matters website. Some people bookmark Academic titles in translation.

Who is my contact person for safety and health issues? #

HSE Coordinators at NTNU

I need special accommodations at my workplace. Who can help me? #

The HSE division (Health, Safety and Environment) can help you with the equipment or accommodations that you need to make sure that you can do your job. Don't be shy, get the help you need.

Where do I find software for my work PC? #

Go to NTNU software page to see what is available.

How do I log into the payroll system if I use a Mac? #

The HR-portal only works with Internet Explorer.

How do I get IT support? #

Orakel Support Services offers IT support for all students and employees at NTNU and can be reached by phone (735) 91500 or e-mail

There are also a number of self-help guides on Innsida.

How do I get access to NTNU email and other related NTNU services? #

You will need to install a VPN client (virtual private network) on your home computer. You can also install VPN on your iPhone or PDA. This will give you access to resources that you normally have to be at campus to access, by connecting you to the NTNU network via the internet.

Guide to VPN installation

How do I make changes to my employee home page? #

As an employee, you will automatically be issued an official NTNU home page that is both in Norwegian and English, with all the basic information that is also found in the PAGA salary system. Your home page will normally have the following address format:

Your english homepage will for instance look like this:

How to edit your official employee home page

Where does the information on my home page come from? #

Everyone who is paid a salary by NTNU is entered into the PAGA salary system. You should log into PAGA (note: You have to use Internet Explorer as your web browser) and check that the information about you is correct. You should fill in the fields for family members so that NTNU has contact people if something untoward were to happen. You will also be entered into the university's different IT systems so that you are granted access to email, access ID card, home page and telephone.

How can I hide my identity at NTNU? #

If there are special reasons for you to hide your identity (your name and contact information) so that it is not public, you have to contact the person in your department or group who is responsible for personnel matters. Your information can then be made invisible to the public on applicable databases, such as PAGA (the salary system), the telephone directory, employee lists, and your employee home page .

How do I apply for a parking permit? #

NTNU's parking lots are divided into lettered zones, particularly at the Gløshaugen campus. You have to have a parking permit for that particular zone to park in that lot without paying. Everyone who applies for parking is generally given a free permit, but in view of the demand for parking, you don't always get assigned to the parking zone that you want.

Parking zones and permit application

Where can my visitors park? #

On most of NTNU's campuses, visitors have to pay to park by using automated parking meters (the tall funny cannister-shaped things that look like R2D2 or a giant vacuum cleaner) -- this is particularly true for the Gløshaugen campus and for areas around NTNU's facilities in the city centre. In other areas, such as Tyholt, it is possible for visitors to be given a temporary parking permit by asking at the front office of the department they are visiting. The one exception to this is at the Dragvoll campus, where parking is free for employees, students and visitors.

Overview of visitor parking areas

Can I get NTNU to pay for my mobile phone, my newspaper and my broadband? #

This is a decision that has to be made by your supervisor. It's possible, you just have to ask and see what the answer is.

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