Experts in Teamwork

Experts in Teamwork (EiT) is an obligatory course for all study programmes at the second degree (master's) level at NTNU.

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What is Experts in Teamwork (EiT)? #

In Experts in Teamwork, students develop teamwork skills by reflecting on and learning from specific situations of cooperation in carrying out a project. Students work in interdisciplinary teams with participants from diverse programmes of study. Interdisciplinary teamwork is used as an opportunity to develop collaborative skills that make teamwork more productive. Relevant problem areas from civic and working life form the basis for teamwork, and the results achieved by the teams are used to benefit internal and external partners.

The learning method in EiT is experience-based. An important part of the learning process is the situations that arise as the team works together. Students develop skills in collaboration by reflecting on these situations throughout the project life cycle. Team members perform reflection activities together, stimulated by facilitation, writing down reflections, exercises in teamwork, and feedback. EiT Section members create the professional foundation for facilitation, which is provided by the village supervisor and learning assistants.

Important dates: Intensive villages Spring Semester 2022 #

Teaching every weekday in week 2-4.

Village start-up (1st village day)10 January
Final village day28 January
Deadline for students to submit their project reports and process reports04 February
Announcement of grades25 February

Important dates: Semester-based villages Spring Semester 2022 #

Teaching every Wednesday in week 2-17 (except week 15).

Village start-up (1st village day)12 January
Final village day27 April
Deadline for students to submit their project reports and process reports04 May
Announcement of grades27 May

Contact persons #

  • Your questions or problems may easily be addressed by searching these pages. Try there first before you contact the people listed below.
    • For questions regarding exemptions, contact your faculty
    • For questions regarding attendance, contact your village supervisor's faculty
    • For general requests, please use, or call 73599090
    • If you wish to contact any member of the Section for EiT, see the individual's employee page

Faculty contact persons #

Each faculty has an EiT contact person who can answer your questions regarding Experts in Teamwork.

Among other things, they can help you with:

  • exemption from or change of village type
  • questions regarding attendance

See also the webpage for students.

Contact persons #

Application for exemption #

  • Applications for exemption are asked to be sent by e-mail, mail or delivered by hand to the student section at your faculty.
  • Applications containing person sensitive information cannot be sent by e-mail.
  • If no e-mail adress is displayed in the table above, use the following mail-address for exemption applications:
    NTNU, (your faculty), 7491 Trondheim
  • Example:
    NTNU, Faculty of Social and Educational Sciences , 7491 Trondheim

EiT-coordinators at NTNU Gjøvik and Ålesund #

Section for Experts in Teamwork #

Office address: Gløshaugen, Sem Sælands vei 1, 7034, 3rd floor.
Phone: (+47) 73 55 90 90

Head of EiT
Bjørn Sortland

Tina Skjærvik Thomsen
Gunhild Gylland
Håvard Engen

Training and research
Sven Veine
Hanne Helgesen
Hanne Rustad 
Martha M. Kalvig Anderson
Lars Skancke
Elli Verhulst
Ela Sjølie
Eline Rødsjø

Information and teaching materials
Nina Haugland Andersen

External relations
Rune Tranås

Phd. Candidates
Maiken Spjelkevik
Mette Mari Wold Johnsen

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