Ethics in purchasing

Code of conduct for employees who purchase goods and services, and who otherwise work with suppliers.

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Misuse of position #

You must not use your position at NTNU for personal gain. As an employee, you should always maintain and strengthen respect for your position and support NTNU's good reputation.

Maintain your integrity #

You shall not use your position at NTNU to create advantages for yourself, your family or your friends. You must not allow your personal interests or the interests of friends to affect the purchasing process. Make certain that your integrity is never in doubt.

You must justify in writing purchases from firms in which NTNU employees have a personal interest. These purchases must also be approved by your immediate supervisor.

If your personal interests have the potential to affect an issue, your supervisor should directly address the question of impartiality. This should also take place if others can question your impartiality.

Business conduct and socializing #

Moderate forms of hospitality and socializing are a polite and appropriate aspect of business conduct. However, the level of attention involved must never affect the decision making process or give others any reason to believe that it does. Your business conduct must therefore relate in a reasonable manner to what the job demands.

Gifts and other benefits #

You may not accept gifts, commissions, services or other benefits that are intended as a bribe. You cannot accept gifts on behalf of others which are given with the same intention.

This provision does not apply to smaller marketing articles, and Christmas presents in the form of small gifts of little value. As long as a gift does not affect your job, it is often OK to accept it.

You should evaluate each circumstance in which you are offered a gift or a benefit. Ask yourself:

  • Might accepting this gift harm my or NTNU's integrity?
  • Even though I think it is OK, will others doubt my impartiality?

Do not accept gifts or benefits if you are in doubt. Do not accept benefits/gifts that have a connection to a concrete issue that is up for decision.

See also: Gifts and perquisites.

Business travel #

NTNU shall cover your travel and lodging expenses when suppliers and business people invite you to visit businesses or exhibitions and the like.

Private use of general contract agreements #

NTNU's general contract agreements on the supply of goods and services should never be used for private purposes. This also applies to your friends and family.

Confidential and correct information #

You must not use confidential information that you have access to because of your work for personal benefit. Treat market information from suppliers or the service industry as confidential. Do not misuse information for competing bidders. NTNU employees must behave in accordance with good business practices, have high business ethics standards and treat all suppliers even handedly.  

If you are in doubt #

Ask your supervisor if you are in doubt as to the interpretation of these rules.

Laws and guidelines #

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