The NTNU Board election 2015. The page provides information to the temporary academic staff about the elections to the NTNU Board, including nomination, candidates, and how to vote. There are separate elections for the students and the employees at the university colleges in Gjøvik, Trondheim and Ålesund.

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For the elections at the faculties and departments, see the election intranet sites for DMF (in English) | HF | IME | IVT | NT | SVT (in Norwegian)

NTNU Board election 26–28 October 2015 #

Due to the merger, the election period for the students and temporary academic staff was prolonged until the end of 2015. Accordingly, the election period for these groups will be extended so that the candidates elected this autumn will function until the first ordinary Board of the merged NTNU is elected in 2017. Hence, the Board elections for students and temporary academic staff this semester will be for the period 1 January 2016 - 30 June 2017. For information on the student election, see Studenttinget’s election pages.

The election for temporary academic staff opens Monday 26 October 2015 from 08.00 and ends Wednesday 28 October 2015 at 22.00. You can vote for up to two candidates. The candidate who obtains the highest number of votes is elected member of the Board, while the most popular candidate of the opposite gender will become deputy member.

You can read about the candidates here when their candidacy is made public. 

Cast your vote on the web using the electronic election system «Valgweb». Log on with your usual NTNU username and password.

In parallel to the NTNU elections, the University Colleges in Gjøvik, Trondheim and Ålesund will elect two employees and one student who will join the NTNU Board in the merger period.

Check the electoral register before 5 October 2015 #

New representatives for temporary academic staff on the NTNU Board will be elected in October. Similar elections to the Faculty Boards and to the structures for participation and co-determination at the Departments, will take place in November-December. The students will also elect new Board members, see Studenttinget's election pages. Other elections may also take place at Faculties and Departments.

Ensure that you are correctly listed in the register of voters, i.e. that you have the right group/employee category and constituency/Department.

To check your right to vote, log on «Valgweb» with your usual NTNU username and password between 20 September and 5 October. Complaints must be registered before Thursday 5 October 2015.

Nominate Candidates by 8 October 2015 #

The deadline for nominating candidates for the Board election is set to 8 October 2015. Candidates of both gender are needed. You are encouraged to propose candidates to the elections.

Candidates must master Norwegian sufficiently to take part in the debates of the Board. They must have an employment contract covering the election term 1 January 2016–30 June 2017.

Proposals must be signed by three temporary academic staff members and be submitted to postmottak@adm.ntnu.no no later than 8 October 2015 at 16.00. Please use the form «forslagsark styremedlem».

Candidates will be presented on this webpage one week before the elections.

Background information #

The Election Board ensures that elections are conducted pursuant to the Regulations for Elections at NTNU adopted by the Board. The Nomination Committee enourages candidates to step forward to enable a genuine election and presents the candidates on equal terms to the voters.

Composition of the NTNU Board #

The NTNU board is composed of 11 representatives, 7 of which are internal and thus elected by employees and students. Deputy board members are also elected. Students or temporary academic staff serve for a term of one year, while other representatives serve for four years.

  • Academic employees  (3 members + 3 deputies)
  • Temporary academic staff (1 member + 1 deputy)
  • Technical and administrative staff (1 member + 1 deputy)
  • Students (2 members + 2 deputies)

More information about the NTNU Board, including links to summons and protocols from previous meetings, is found here (mainly in Norwegian).

The NTNU Board during the merger period #

From 1 November 2015 to 1 August 2017, the existing NTNU Board will be supplemented by four new representatives: the University Colleges in Gjøvik, Trondheim and Ålesund will elect two employees and one student, and the Ministry of Knowledge will appoint one external member.

The Board will then have 15 members from the following categories:

  • Academic employees (4 members + 4 deputies)
  • Temporary academic staff (1 member + 1 deputy)
  • Technical and administrative staff (2 members + 2 deputies)
  • Students (3 members + 3 deputies)
  • External (5 members + 5 deputies)

More information about the Board during the merger period at the merger website.

Election regulations #

Elections for the NTNU board and faculty boards are governed by NTNU's election regulations (english translation). The authoritative version in Norwegian is available here.

Election Board #

Director of Organization Ida Munkeby, leader

Bjørn Skallerud, Tekna

Sturla Søpstad, NTL

Morten Øien, lawyer

Election secretary: Kirsti Jensen, Rector's staff

Nomination Committee #

Geir Øien (leader), Academic staff, IME

Mari-Ann Einarsrud, Academic staff, NT

Øystein Risa, Administrative staff, Tekna

Kristian Steinnes, Academic staff HF, Forskerforbundet

Irene Dragvik, Head of Section

(name is coming), Temporary academic staff, DION

Election secretary: Kirsti Jensen, Rector's staff

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