On this website you will find the information you need to take part in the elections of staff members to the University Board.

Topic page: NTNU Election | Norsk versjon: Styrevalg

Elections this spring #

This spring NTNU will elect new student and staff members to the University, Faculty and Department Boards for the coming four-year term.  After the merger, it is particularly important that all staff members check that they are correctly listed in the electoral register (voter category, Department/Faculty).

Candidates to the University Board #

These are the candidates to the University Board elections:

Permanent academic staff (13 candidates): #

  • Professor Kristin Melum Eide (HF)
  • Professor Anne C. Elster (IE)
  • Assistant Professor Vegard Frantzen (SU) (does not wish to stand for elections)
  • Associate Professor Ralf Kirchhoff (MH)
  • Professor Monica Lillefjell (MH) (does not wish to stand for elections)
  • Professor Sveinung Løset (IV)
  • Associate Professor Webjørn Rekdalsbakken (IE)
  • Professor Magnus Rønning (NV)
  • Professor Bjørn Skallerud (IV)
  • Professor Kristian Steinnes (HF)
  • Professor Aksel Tjora (SU)
  • Associate Professor Tim Torvatn (ØK)
  • Associate Professor Dag Waaler (MH)

Temporary academic staff (3 candidates): #

  • Doctoral Research Fellow Sigurd Sagen Vildåsen (ØK)
  • Doctoral Research Fellow Martin Loeng (SU)
  • Doctoral Research Fellow Nina Helen Aas Røkkum (SU)

Permanent and temporary staff in technical and administrative positions (8 candidates):  #

  • Senior Engineer Camilla Israelsen Dagsgård (NV)
  • Senior Executive Officer Thomas Ferstad (SU)
  • Senior Adviser Gunnhild Furnes (MH) (does not wish to stand for elections)
  • Head of Office Dagrun Lorgen Jensen (ØK)
  • Senior Adviser Kjersti Møller (University Administration)
  • Senior Executive Officer Runa Nilssen (IV)
  • Senior Engineer Georg J.B. Voss (IV)
  • Senior Adviser Rigmor Øvstetun (University Administration)

The nominated candidates will be presented on a special website for the elections a week before the elections. Candidates and voters are encouraged to engage in the election debate by asking questions to the candidates.

Use your right to vote 3 – 6 April #

The University Board elections open Monday 3 April at 08:00 and end Wednesday 6 April at 22:00. You can vote for as many candidates as there are members and deputy members in your voter category: 

  • Permanent academic staff (3+3)
  • Temporary academic staff (1+1)
  • Technical-administrative staff (1+1)

 Cast your vote in valgweb

The candidates who obtain the most votes will be elected members and deputy members of the Board. Quotation may be necessary to ensure that the requirements for gender balance are satisfied within each voter category.

Background information #

Composition of the NTNU Board #

The NTNU board is composed of 11 representatives, 7 of which are internal and thus elected by employees and students. Deputy board members are also elected. Students or temporary academic staff serve for a term of one year, while other representatives serve for four years.

  • Academic employees  (3 members + 3 deputies)
  • Temporary academic staff (1 member + 1 deputy)
  • Technical and administrative staff (1 member + 1 deputy)
  • Students (2 members + 2 deputies)

Information about the NTNU Board, including links to summons and protocols from previous meetings (mainly in Norwegian).

Election regulations #

Elections for the NTNU board and faculty boards are governed by NTNU's election regulations (english translation). The authoritative version in Norwegian is available here.

Election Board #

The Election Board ensures that elections are conducted pursuant to the Regulations for Elections at NTNU adopted by the Board.

Nomination Committee #

The Nomination Committee enourages candidates to step forward to enable a genuine election and presents the candidates on equal terms to the voters.

Election secretary: Kristin Wergeland Brekke

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