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Various activities for employees at the Department of Energy and Process Engineering (EPT)

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Activity Calendar at EPT
Activity Date (Y/M/D) Day Time Where Contact person
Running session 2017/09/14 Thursday 17-18:00 Granåsen Erik
Tabata 2017/09/18 - 2017/12/15 Mondays 16:15-17:15 EPTGym Erik / Lars
Running session 2017/09/21 Thursday 17-18:00 Øya Erik
Kayak Course 2017/09/26 Tuesday 17-21:00 Øysand Erik
Kayak Course 2017/09/27 Wednesday 17-21:00 Ringvebukta Erik
Running session 2017/09/28 Thursday 17-18:00 Øya Erik
Kayak Course 2017/10/03 Tuesday 17-21:00 Ringvebukta Erik
Kayak Course 2017/10/04 Wednesday 17-21:00 Selbusjøen Erik
Running session 2017/10/05 Thursday 17-18:00 Granåsen Erik
Running session 2017/10/12 Thursday 17-18:00 Øya Erik
Team Leader Meeting 2017/10/16 Monday 10:00 Varmeteknisk Per
Award Ceremony 2017/10/16 Monday 12:00 Varmeteknisk Per
Running session 2017/10/19 Thursday 17-18:00 Øya Erik
Running session 2017/10/26 Thursday 17-18:00 Granåsen Erik
Tabata 2018/01/15 - 2017/04/15 Mondays 16:15-17:15 EPTGym Erik / Lars

Times and dates for activities will be updated in this calendar, but possible last-minute changes will be announced on EPTraining on Facebook (closed group).

For more information about each activity and contact information, see below.

EPTGym and strength training

EPTGym is in the basement of Varmeteknisk, room B022B. See photo from EPTGym here.

The EPTGym is available for all employees. At NTNU during the workday, employees can exercise 1 hr./week. Facilities at EPTGym include amongst others: weights, treadmill, punching bag, climbing wall.

How to get there: Enter Varmeteknisk through entrance B, go down the stairs and through the the door with a glass window, and then through the first door you see. This door has a card access panel, all employees at EPT have access to this door. Note that the main door at entrance B is closed outside of work hours, but EPT employees have card access to this door as well.


Tabata training is one of the most popular forms of high-intensity interval training (HIIT). It consists of eight rounds of ultra-high-intensity exercises in a specific 20-seconds-on, 10-seconds-off interval. Contact person: Lars O. Nord / Erik Langørgen.

Where: see info on EPTGym above.

Showers in Varmeteknisk

  • 1 shower for women is found at entrance B, room A317 on the 3rd floor, through the glass doors on your right and inside the restrooms on your left.
  • 4 showers for men are found at entrance C, room B170, in the basement, first door on your left (key card access to entrance C is needed, but you can also enter through corridors from the open entrances A or B in the daytime).
  • 2 separate unisex showers, are found at entrance A, room C112 through the double glass doors.

Running group

From about March to October, in Granåsen or Øya stadion. The running sessions are for a wide range of fitness levels, also for people who prefer walking. Contact person: Erik Langørgen.

Kayak course

In September and October, requires an entrance fee and that you sign up in advance. See course announcement for 2017. Padlenorge has all the gear, kayaks and drysuits. Inspiration video here. Contact person: Erik Langørgen.


In January and February: Every Thursday from 17 to 18. Contact person: Lars O. Nord.

Skiing instructions

From about January to March. Depends on the weather. Contact person: Anna Nina Knutsen.

New employees, look here

The goal of EPTraining is to have as many as possible of the EPT employees to exercise frequently and to get the benefit of it on the health, working capacity and general well-being. Further, a goal is to make more social meeting points and improve social relations among the employees.

EPTraining is for all levels of fitness and physical skills, and is not meant to be a showcase for those who exercise a lot.

EPTraining involves use of a web-based exercise log at Avantas Aktiv. You get points depending upon the time you exercise and the type of exercise (hiking, running, strength training etc.). The employees enter a team with a team leader, and the teams are competing against each other. Every four months there is a gathering with prizes (read more about the project (pdf)).

Please contact Per Bjørnaas to get started.

Se also NTNU's fitness activities for all employees

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