Are you a student and have questions related to the diploma or have you obtained a degree at NTNU? Here you can find more information about diplomas. Norsk versjon - Vitnemål

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Are you a student and have questions about your diploma? #

You will recieve the diploma automatically by mail once the degree is completed. Your degree requirements is regulated by the program's study plan.

If you have more courses than what is required to achieve the degree, you will in some cases be able to decide on which courses to be included in the education plan and thus on the diploma. This is done in dialogue with the faculty. Contact the faculty if you have questions about the education plan and which courses can be included in the degree. See faculty overview to find contact information.

If you have changed your name or the name you are registered with is incorrect, it is important that you change this before the certificate is produced.

Improvement of grade? #

You have the opportunity to improve your grades and postpone receiving the bachelor diploma for up to two semesters. You will recieve more information about this during your last semester. New courses taken later will not be included in the degree, but can be documented in the Diploma Registry or in a letter of transcript.

If you have any questions regarding postponing the bachelor diploma, please contact your faculty.

Students at campus Ålesund or campus Gjøvik

If you want to postpone the bachelor diploma, you must send email by June 1 to:

Diploma supplement - an explanatory document in English #

Your diploma will come with a diploma supplement in English. This document provides a description of the programme of study, a transcript of your grades, your academic qualifications, the content of your course and possible applications. The intention of the diploma supplement is to create transparency in higher education and facilitate academic recognition for further studies.

Your diploma will be sent by post - remember to update your address! #

Your diploma will be sent by post to your home address that is registered in Studentweb unless otherwise agreed.

You can change the addresses yourself in Studentweb. It is very important that you make sure that your address in Studentweb is correct. 

Your diploma will be sent by registered post from the Faculty. That means it will be returned to NTNU if you do not collect it from the Post Office within 14 days. The final date for collection will be listed on the notice you receive from the Post Office. You need to contact the faculty if the diploma is returned to NTNU. 

Have you obtained a degree or completed education at NTNU? #

Take care of your original diploma, it is issued only once!

Verification of academic qualifications - Diploma Registry #

You can choose to share your higher education records with prospective employers and others via the digital Diploma Registry.

Using the Diploma Registry to verify academic records and qualifications is a quick and easy way to verify education - and degree history. 

 Log in to Diploma Registry  

 More information about the Diploma Registry

I don't find my results in the Diploma Registry - what can I do? #

If you can't use the Diploma Registry to share your results, you may request a copy of your diploma. If we can't provide a copy of your diploma, you will get a confirmation of the obtained degree.  It is not possible to get a new "original" diploma.

Contact information

If you want a copy of your diploma, please contact your faculty.

If you want a copy of your diploma from one the previous institutions that is now merged with NTNU:

Duplicate #

If your diploma is lost, you can apply for a duplicate. A duplicate is a copy of the original diploma on original paper, but stamped with "DUPLICATE" on all sides. 

NTNU has a restrictive practice for issuing duplicates, following the recommendations of Universities Norway (UHR). You will have to document that the diploma is lost, eg copy of the police report if it is stolen or confirmation from the insurance company in case of fire. Please note that if there is a copy of the issued certificate, you will not be granted a duplicate but recieve a copy.

Apply for student status after a degree is completed #

If you have completed a bachelor's degree, master's degree or a Ph.D. at NTNU, you may apply for an active student status which gives your access to open courses at NTNU. This is only available for students who have completed their degree at NTNU. If you want to improve the grade after the diploma has been produced, the courses will be documented by a transcript of records.

Contact information #

Contact your faculty if you have questions related to the diploma. Please note that the Department of Teacher Education has it's own e-mail address:

Faculty of Architecture and Design (AD) → studier@ad.ntnu.no
Faculty of Humanities (HF) → vitnemal@hf.ntnu.no 
Faculty of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering (IE) → studier@ie.ntnu.no
Faculty of Engineering (IV) → vitnemal@iv.ntnu.no
Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences (MH) → vitnemal@mh.ntnu.no
Faculty of Natural Sciences (NV) → vitnemal@nv.ntnu.no 
Faculty of Social and Educational Sciences (SU) → brukerhjelp-fs@su.ntnu.no
Department of Teacher Education (ILU) → studier@ilu.ntnu.no
Faculty of Economics and Management (ØK) → vitnemal@sa.ntnu.no  


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