Digital security incident

Here you will find information on how to report incidents related to information security and privacy.

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How to report a digital security incident #

A digital security incident can occur as a result of a cyber attack, technical failure, human error, etc. A digital security incidents related to NTNU's ICT systems and digital infrastructure must be reported to NTNU Security Operations Center (NTNU SOC). NTNU SOC which is a part of the Section for Digital Security has the reponsability to follow up all digital security incidents.

It is important that NTNU SOC is notified before you take any action on your own. #

 Email: Phone: +47 90 66 43 50

How to report a digital security incident with encrypted email #

Confidential, or Strictly Confidential can be sendt to us in email if the message is encrypted with PGP (public key): 0xEFF99109C95AF4BF

Is it a security incident or non-conformances? #

Are you unsure if it is a security incident or non-conformances? Read more about non-conformances here

Examples of a security incident:

  • you have been exposed to scams via email / sms (Report suspicious email)
  • you have been tricked into giving away information such as username, password, credit card
  • your ICT equipment has been lost or stolen
  • you suspect viruses or malware on ICT equipment

Contact #

NTNU SOC is an operational emergency preparedness unit and they are working with detection, analysis, coordination and management of digital security incidents at NTNU. NTNU SOC is NTNU's registered event management team (CSIRT / CERT) and collaborates with other security teams in the University sector as well as national security teams. If you have any questions, please contact NTNU SOC.

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