Cheating on exams

Cheating on exams can result in serious consequences for the student who cheats. If you are caught cheating, you may be banned from the university for a year, you may be denied the right to take the exam at other universities and university colleges, and your exam from the course in which you cheated will be annulled. Norsk versjon - Juks på eksamen

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Examples of cheating #

  • Providing an answer taken from the Internet that is wholly or partly presented as your own answer.
  • Providing an answer that was wholly or partly used by another person from a previous exam.
  • Providing an answer that was wholly or partly prepared by another person.
  • Providing an answer that was wholly or partly used by the student at a previous exam.
  • Submitting practical or artistic work that was created by someone other than the student him- or herself.
  • Copying quotes from textbooks or other academic sources, other people's theses, information taken from the Internet or the like which is supplied without stating the source of the information and without clear marking that it is not original work.
  • Illegal aids that you take with you to the exam.

Cheating on other assignments #

Large obligatory assignments or reports that must be approved in order for the student to take the exam also fall under the same rules as for cheating on exams.

It is your responsibility to become familiar with the rules that apply to your work in terms of use of sources and references, as well as what kinds of aids are allowed in examinations or in the production of written or technical work. If you are uncertain about which rules apply, you should contact the responsible individuals in your academic discipline.

Checks for plagiarism #

NTNU has a system that enables documents and exams to be checked for plagiarism.  All assignments, exams, theses and reports that are submitted can be checked for plagiarism.

NTNU's Central Appeals Board decides what kinds of sanctions will be levied in the case of plagiarism or cheating.

Guidelines #

Cases regarding suspicion of cheating must be sent to one of the following units:

  • Education Quality Division (cases at campus Trondheim)
  • Section for Education Gjøvik (cases at campus Gjøvik)
  • Section for Education Ålesund (cases at campus Ålesund)

See guidelines for handling cheating and attempts at cheating on exams at NTNU (pdf, in Norwegian). Cheating on exams can result in you being banned from university and having your examination results annulled.

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