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This wiki shows how to create and edit calendar activities within Blackboard.

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Blackboard Learn Calendar #

Clever use of the calendar can minimize the workload for teachers and also make it easier for students to get an overview of upcoming events and submission dates within a course. Creating calendar events can make it easier for both students and lecturers to structure their course progression. Calendar events will also be displayed in a neat and orderly way in the Blackboard Instructor app. In this wiki we will show you how you can create and edit calendar activities.

Accessing the calendar and general overview #

  1. You will find the calendar in the Global Navigation Menu in the upper right corner of Blackboard Learn. Click on the small arrow (1) to access the dropdown menu and click the calendar-icon (2):

    Access the Calendar from the Global Navigation Menu.
  2. The calendar presents you with several options:

    Calendar overview
  • (1) Change calendar view: Day, Week or Month, and navigate between different dates by clicking the arrows.
  • (2) Lists with check-out boxes for course calendars: Select the courses you want to be displayed in your calendar. Students have the same option to choose within the courses they are enrolled in.
  • (3) iCalendar: Gives you an external calendar link so that you can import your Blackboard calendar to your personal calendar outside of Blackboard. This link is compatible todays date by clicking Today. Today will also be highlighted with a light yellow colour in your calendar.
  • (5) Add calendar event by pressing the +-icon. It is also possible to add events by left-clicking directly in the calendar.

Adding calendar events directly in the calendar #

Calendar events can be created directly in the calendar view. It is also possible to repeat regular events, like for instance lectures.

  1. Click on a day in the calendar to create an event. Give the event a meaningful title (1), for instance "Seminar" and choose wich Calendar (2) from the dropdown menu of available courses, and specify when the event Starts and when it Ends (3).
  2. To create and edit repeated occurences of an event, tick the Repeat (4) option.

    Creating and edit an event directly in calendar.
  3. Pressing Repeat gives you the following options:
    • Choose between Daily, Weekly or Monthly occurences.
    • You can also set the interval (Every 2 Week(s), Every 3 month(s) etc.) 
    • It is also possible to specify number of occurences or an End Repeat Date.
  4. Description of activity (5): Here you can add a description to the activity.
  5. Press Save (6) to create the event.

Adding calendar events by setting due dates on assessments #

Calendar events will automatically be added to the calendar when creating assessments with due dates in Blackboard. All built in assessments in Blackboard (Tests, Surveys, Assignments, Peer reviews) must have a set due date. This will automatically be attached to the course calendar. Note that this is only applies to content in Blackboard with due dates. This option will not be available when only uploading a pdf-file with an assignment description in Blackboard, and therefore will not create calendar events.

  1. To create an assessment, choose the preferred assessment type from the menu in a content area within your course, for example Course work. Click on Assessments (1) and select preferred type, for example Assignment:

    Create an assessment by clicking Assessments and select preferred type.
  2. Due date (A) is a mandatory field in all 4 assessment types in Blackboard. Note that submissions are accepted after the due date, but will clearly be marked Late in the Grading Centre. That way you don't have to create new assessments if the student has a valid reason and an agreement about handing in late. It is recommended that you set a due date during Orakeltjenestens opening hours, so that they can assist you should there be any issues.

    Set a due date.
  3. We advise you to always check the calendar after creating an assessment, to make sure the assessment is properly displayed for the students both in Blackboard Learn and the Blackboard-app. This can also be done by clicking Enter Student Preview (1):

    Press the button to see Blackboard in student view.
    Calendar view of assessment.

Changing due dates on assessments from the calendar #

You can easily change the due date directly in the calendar:

  1. Drag and drop will work on events in the calendar. Another option is to left-click on the assessment you want to edit:

    Edit assessments in the calendar by clicking on the event and dragging and dropping it where you want.
  2.  By left-clicking on the calendar event the following menu will appear:

    Editing an assessment by clicking the event.
    • Edit this assignment (1) enables you to edit the assessment and its settings directly from the calendar view.
    • Grade (2) takes you to the Grade Center.
    • It is also possible to set a new Due date (3)

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