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My Grades gives students an overview of grading and feedback on their completed course work. On this page you will find information about My Grades in Blackboard. 

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How to find My Grades #

You can find My Grades by clicking Snarveier / Quick-links on the Course Front Page:

My Grades Shortcut

Overview #

My Grades - Overview

Manage your view by using the four tabs (A) of what to display:

My Grades selections

Tab Description
AllGives the complete view of all publisized course work
Graded Restricts the view to only show the finished and graded work
UpcomingRestricts the view to only show the non-submitted work
SubmittedRestricts the view to show work that has been submitted, but not yet graded

Sort your view in the drop-down menu (B) on the right :
My Grades Sorting methods

Status #

In the overview you can also see the status on your work. My Grades Status fields

  • (A): On the left you see the date submitted and if its graded. On the right you can see the approval
    status and the grade or points given, if applicable.
  • (B): This is work that has been submitted but not yet graded. Note the exclamation mark, it tells you this work still needs grading.
  • (C): This shows work that has not yet been submitted.
  • (D): This shows work that has been submitted, but only as a draft. Note the time-icon on the right side. It tells you the assigment is not finished.

View graded work #

You can click an assigment or test to take a closer look on the work you have submitted:
Taking a closer look at a submitted work
This opens a more detailed view of the graded work:

My Grades Reviewing the submission history

  • (A): Submitted text or file.
  • (B): Approval status and / or grade will be show here. It also shows which of the attempts were graded, if multiple attempts were applicable.
  • (C): If you wrote a comment on your submission, you can see it here.
  • (D): Feedback from the grader will be shown here if it is provided.

Note: You will not find drafts through My Grades, go to the Course Work and find the applicable assignment.

Save to Portfolio #

Artifacts are reusable content items that you can attach to a personal portfolio. Portfolios are available to students even if they no longer have access to the course, and can be exported from Blackboard when you terminate your studies at NTNU. Read more here: - Portfolios 

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