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This site shows you how to edit the course front page and other module pages.

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Course module pages contain details about tools and new content in your course. Information is presented in boxes called modules, such as Snarveier/Quick-links, My Announcements, and What's New.

Course front Page #

By default, your course includes a Course front page that contains predefined modules. The module page gives you as an instructor and the student a good overview of the latest news in the course, upcoming tasks and quick links to certain tools in the course. In addition it gives you as an instructor a quick overview of assessments that aren't completed and the number of students who haven't submitted an assignment within the due date.

Add modules #

You can choose which modules to appear on your module page.

  1. Click Add Course Module (1) on the course front page.

    Add Course Module.
  2. You can search for the preferred module, sort the modules by category or view all modules. Find the desired module, and click Add (1). In this example we have added the module Calculator.

    Find an add the desired module.

    Click OK to return to the module page.
  3. Now you can see the added module at the bottom of the modul page.

    Calculator-module added at the bottom of the modulepage.

Manage modules #

You can arrange the module page as you like by using the drag-and-drop function. Hover over the head line of the module, left-click and hold. Move it to the desired place, and let go of the module.

Drag and drop the module to the desired place.

Select the Open in a New Window-icon (1) to move the module to a different location on your screen.

Open module in a new window.

If you want to delete the module from the module-page, click the X-icon (1) in the left-corner.

Delete module.

The deleted module can be re-added again from the Add module page.

Change Course front page #

You can easily change the course front page. As an example, you can set the Announcements as the course front page.

  1. To change the front page to Announcements, you first have to add a tool link for Announcements in the Course Content-menu. Read more about this here: Adjusting the course menu.
  2. Click on Customization (1) in the Course Management-menu followed by Teaching style (2).

    Click on Customization in the course management menu followed by Teaching style.
  3. You now have the opportunity to choose any modul page as the course front page. Click on the small arrow (1) and select for example Announcements (2). Save your changes by clicking Submit.s

    Select a new course front page.

    Remember: the Announcement-module page must be available to users before it can be set as the entry point.

Add a course module page #

You can add course module pages to organize modules as you want. Add a new menu item by clicking the +-icon (1), and select Module page (2).

Modul page.

Write a name and check the box for Available to users if you are ready to show the page to the students. Click Send to save your settings. In this example we have created a modulepage for contact info.

Create contact info as a new module page.

Now that you have created a new module page, the link will be available at the bottom of the Course content-menu. Now you can add modules as shown above.

If you want to remove the module page again click the mall arrow (1) next to the module page. Select Delete (2) in the drop-down-menu that appears.

Delete module page by using the drop-down-menu.

You can also build module pages in a content area or folder. Read more about this here: Content areas and menus for adding content. Click Build content (1) to open the menu and select Module page (2). Build the content as shown in the link above.

Click the +-icon and build module page.

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