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This page shows you how to create and edit individual mandatory assignments.

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Individual assignments are assignments that students have to do and hand in individually. Marking the assignment as mandatory in Blackboard means to categorise it as mandatory in the grading center.

Create individual assignment #

  1. Find the course area where you want to put the assignment. In this example, we have chosen to use Course work, but it might be a good idea to create a content area specifically for tests and assignments.
  2. Inside the content area, go to Assesments and choose Assignment.

    Create an assignment inside the content area

    You will then see the page Create Assignment.
  3. Give the assignment a name in the Name and Color (1)-field, and an instruction on how to solve it in the Instructions (2)-field.

    Give the assignment a name and instuctions
  4. You can add attachements to the assignment under Assignment files. One idea could be to add the assignment itself, to make it possible for students to download it and save it on their computer. To add attachments you can either Browse My Computer, Browse Content Collection, or Browse Cloud Storage.

    Add attachements to the assignment
  5. Under Due dates you can set a due date for the assignment. To specify a due date; check the box (1), choose a date (2) and time (3). The date will automatically be added to the student calendar, and students will be notificed that an assignment with a due date has been created. A tip is to set the deadline for the assignment to be within orakel's office hours (10:00-15:00). That way it is possible to get help with any technical difficulties.

    Give the assignment a due date
  6. Under Grading you decide the number of achievable points that can be earned on the assignment. In the field Points Possible, write the maximum number achievable. For assignments with the grading approved/not approved, you only need 1 as maximum. That way, 1 becomes approved, and 0 is not approved.

    Give the assignment a maximum of achievable points
  7. Associated Rubrics lets you add a rubric to the assignment. See this page to learn more about rubrics and how to use them.
  8. Click on Submission Details.

    Choose Individual Submission as the Assignment Type.

    Choose assignment type

    In Number of Attempts you choose whether students should be able to resubmit an assignment, and how many times they can do this. It can be a good idea to give the students more than one attempt, as it often happens that they submit the wrong file.

    Decide the number of attempts a student can have at submitting
  9. Click on Grading Options.

    By checking the box Enable Anonymous Grading, you will not be able to see the students' names when you grade the assignments in the grading center.

    Activate anonymous grading for the assignment

    By checking the box Enable Delegated Grading you can delegate the grading work to specific teachers/learning assistants in the course. Currently, this function does not work as intended. It would therefore be better to use Smart views in the grading center to delegate work. Go to Delegated grading if you wish to read more.
  10. Click on Display of Grades.

    In the drop down window Primary you can choose how the results should be shown both to the students in My Results and in the grading center. If the assignment is approved/not approved you should choose this in the drop down menu.

    NB! Assigments where the assessment affects a student's final grade should not be given in Blackboard. For these you need to use Inspera, where anonymity can be guaranteed.

    Choose primary view of the result of an assessed assignment

    If you as a teacher wish to see a different display than the students, you can choose this in Secondary.

    Choose a display of views only in the grading center

    If you check the box Include in the Grade Center grading calculations, Blackboard will include this assignment when you create a Calculated column in the grading center (read more about calculated columns on this page).

    Include the assignment in Blackboards calculations

    By checking the box Show to students in My Grades, the result will automatically be shown to the student when their assignment has been reviewed.

    Automatically show the result to students

    The last setting Show Statistics (average and median) for this item to Students in My Grades lets the students see the average and median grade that has been given on the assignment. This will be visible to students both in My Results and within the assignment.

    Show statistics on the assignment to the students
  11. Under Availability you decide if and when the students can get access to the assignment. When you create a new assignment, the box Make the Assignment Available will automatically be checked. This means that a student can access the assignment right after you hit Send. If you do not wish to make it immediately available, you can uncheck this box (A).

    Limit Availability lets you decide if the assignment should only be visible after a specific date, until a specific date, or a specified time period.
    1. Available after a specific date:
      To make the assignment available after a specific date you can check the Display After (B)-box and choose a date and time in the following fields (click on the icons to see a calendar and a time selection menu).
    2. Available until a specific date:
      To make the assignment available from now until a future date, you can check the box Display Until (C) and set the date and time in the following fields.
    3. Available during a defined time period:
      If you only wish the assignment to be available during a time period, you can check both of the boxes (B and C), and set the date and time in all fields.

      Decide the availability of the assignment

      While it is possible to display the assignment until a specific date (using the Display Until-function), we recommend that you don't do this as some students may actually have a valid reason for not handing the assignment in on the specified date.
  12. Track Number of Views should not be used.
  13. Press Send to create the assignment.

Make the assignment compulsory #

Do make an assignment mandatory there are two things you have to do:

  • Categorise the assignment as a Compulsory assignment in the grade center.
  • Inform the students that the assignment is compulsory.

NB! An assignment should only be categorised as compulsory if it is mentioned as such in the course description.

Categorise as compulsory in the grade center #

  1. Go to the Control Panel. Under Grade Center, click on Full Grade Center.

    Find the grade center in the control panel
  2. Find the assignment in the table. Open the assignment's Quick menu and choose Edit Column Information.

    Choosing edit column information in the assignment's quick menu

    Choose Compulsory assignment in the Category menu.

    Change the category to compulsory assignment
  3. Press Send.

    The assignment will now be shown in the Compulsory assignments smart view, which is available in the Course Management menu.

    Compulsory assignments in the course management menu

Inform the students #

Even if the assignment is categorised as compulsory in the grade center, the students will not be aware of this. Without any additional information, the students have no way of knowing that the assignment is compulsory. To inform them of this, you should include it either in the assignment title or description.

Edit assignment #

Note that it is not possible to change the assignment type (e.g. change the it from individual to group assignment) if a student has already submitted an assignment.

  1. Find the assignment. In the Quick menu, choose Edit.

    Edit the assignment

    You will then see the same page, with the same options, as when you created the assignment.

Late submissions #

It is possible for students to submit their assignments even after the deadline has passed. These assignments will be marked as late in the grade center.

If you don't wish for this to be possible, you can change the availability of the assignment under Availability in the assignment settings. By using Display Until, you can set a date from when the assignment will no longer be available to the students. But should there then be students with a valid reason for not submitting before the deadline, you will have to handle this in other ways.

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