Allowance for care of close relatives

This page provides information on how you can apply for a nursing or attendance allowance when you care for close relatives.

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Allowance for care of a sick child #

As a parent or close family member, you can receive an allowance known as a nursing allowance or attendance allowance (pleiepenger) if you care for a sick child.

You can also receive this allowance if you care for a close relative in the last stage of life. The allowance is intended to compensate for lost income from employment. 

You must generally have been working for the past four weeks before the attendance allowance begins. In principle, you are not entitled to the attendance allowance if the child has a long-term illness.

The illness is regarded as long-term when it is highly likely to last for two to three years or more. But if the long-term illness is life-threatening or very serious, you may still be entitled to an attendance allowance in the initial stage of the illness or in unstable phases. 

You can receive an attendance allowance for looking after a sick child for the period that the child needs continuous attention and nursing, and the other conditions for the allowance are met. 

Attendance allowance for end-of-life care  #

You can receive care benefits, also called an attendance allowance (pleiepenger) for nursing a close relative in the last stage of life for up to 60 days for each person you nurse. You do not have to take all the days consecutively.

The days can also be shared between several people. This applies whether the care takes place in your own home or in the home of the person who needs care. 

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