Accommodations for employees with disabilities

This page is for employees who need accommodation for their disabilities. Students should visit their own dedicated page at disability accommodation. Norsk versjon - Tilrettelegging for deg med funksjonsnedsettelse 

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Accommodation and aids #

Disabilities that may require special accommodation and aids:

  • reduced mobility
  • visual impairment
  • hearing impairment
  • other less visible disabilities such as allergies, dyslexia, heart problems or mental health problems

You, your supervisor and Occupational Health Services should work together to accommodate your workplace, include any aids you might need. The Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration's aid center may also be able to help you with accommodation and aids.

Fire safety #

The fire alarm system (Norwegian only link) and evacuation routes should be familiar to and accommodated for everyone at NTNU. Everyone should be able to understand a fire alarm and evacuate in an emergency.

Talk to your supervisor and fire officer about accommodations in buildings. There is a legal requirement that buildings be accessible to all.

Parking #

If you have to use your own car to get to and from campus because of reduced mobility, or limitations on your ability to walk or move, you have the right to a parking space. See information about HC parking.

These maps show the handicapped parking spaces that are reserved for you:

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