Academic accommodations - text-to-speech tools

If you suffer from reading or writing disabilities, the Dragvoll Library and the Technology Library can help you to convert your syllabus texts to sound.

Norsk versjon - Tilrettelegging - konvertere tekst til lyd

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The course book as an audiobook #

The NTNU University Library offers special programs for students with proven reading difficulties. They provide text-to-speech tools such as Abbyy Fine Reader, Dolphin Easy Converter, Dolphin Easy Reader and a scanner. The students can get information and help on how to easily create an audiobook. Scanning stations are seated at the Technology Library and the Dragvoll Library.

To get access to scanning facilities, please contact the Accessibility Service, Student Services Department at NTNU or contact

You may find some curriculum books that are already completed as audiobooks from The Norwegian Library of Talking Books and Braille (NLB). Students who are blind or have reduced vision can get help producing their own audiobooks from NLB.

More information about your rights  #

Contact the Disability Office if you want more information about your rights.
You can also contact the library

NLB - Norwegian Library of talking books and braille

See also #

NTNU’s topic page about special needs accommodation

Contact #

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