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Deadlines for registration:

Application form for delayed exam registration

Note: Some study programmes may have exam registration deadlines that differs from the ordinary deadlines. Pay attention to information about your courses.


Cancel your exam registration

If you decide not to take the examination, you must cancel your registration in Studentweb, before the deadline.
If you don't cancel your registration by the deadline, it will be considered as an attempt to take the exam. You have limited attempts to resit an exam.


  • Ordinary exams: 14 days before the examination date/start date. You will find the exact date in Studentweb
  • Re-sit exams: 20 July


Special arrangements 

If you have a health problem or a disability, you may be entitled to have special arrangements during your examinations. Deadlines for submitting an application for special arrangements: 

  • Autumn semester: 15 September
  • Spring semester and re-sit exams in August: 15 February


Compulsory assignments

Compulsory assignments must be approved before you can take the exam. Kindly contact your department if you have queries regarding this.

Assessment form and date

Find date, time and assessment form in Studentweb or on thecourse information page.

All written home assignments should, as a general rule, be submitted in the exam system Inspera Assessment. If you have a written school exam, it will vary whether it is held analogue (on paper) or digitally. If the exam is digital, it will be tagged with INSPERA on the course information pages and in Studentweb.


Guidelines for the various assessment forms

How you need to prepare for your exam, depends on the form of assessment.


Previous examinations

Search for "Gamle eksamensoppgaver" by course code (page in Norwegian)
Example "Gamle eksamensoppgaver TMA4135"

If you can't find what you're looking for, contact the department.


Find the date and place

Time and place for written school exams are published on Studentweb no later than three days before the exam. Please note that a course can be assigned to multiple rooms. Check carefully where you are seated.

See an overview of the exam locations at NTNU.


Reading rooms

Reading rooms and study hall locations.

Additional reading room places (will be announced before the examination period).

Permitted examination aids



Availability of teaching staff

Language in written assessments

You choose language/form of Norwegian (English, bokmål, nynorsk) when you register as a student on Studentweb. 

You will find which rules apply to the choice of language/form for written examination question papers and examination answer papers in section 5-8 of the Academic Regulations for NTNU (pdf).

Find rooms

Find your examination room in the map (after checking room name)

Attendance at school exam

You must arrive at the examination location, no later than 15 minutes before the examination is scheduled to begin. For digital examination you must arrive at least 30 minutes before the exam starts. Bring a photo identification (e.g. driver's license, bank card or passport). You must show this to the invigilators before you can sign the attendance list.

How to behave during the exam

All bags and personal belongings, including cell phones and other electronic aids which can be used for communication (e.g. smart watches), must be placed at designated places in the examination room. Cell phones must be switched off.

During the examination, any communication between candidates is prohibited, both on and off the premises. You must not leave your seat without the invigilator's permission, and you must follow the invigilator's instructions.


Exam answers

You are responsible for keeping your exam answers if you wish to do so. It is not required to file exam answers, and they are only kept for as long as it is necessary for administrative procedures. If you wish to save digital exam answers in Inspera Assessment, you must make sure to download them before your right to study expires, and you lose access to the IT systems at NTNU.

Transcripts and diplomas/certificates

Re-sit exam

Re-sit exams have the same form of assessment as the ordinary exam, unless otherwise specified in the course description.

NTNU in Trondheim

Email: eksamen@adm.ntnu.no

Opening hours for telephone inquiries:

Monday–Friday 09.00–11.30

Telephone: (+47) 73 59 66 00

For visitors:

Visiting address: G470, Gunnerusgate 1, 4th floor, Kalvskinnet

Open by appointment. If you need to deliver something, use the mailbox outside the door.

Postal address: Eksamenskontoret NTNU, Postboks 8900, Torgarden, NO-7491 Trondheim, Norway

NTNU in Gjøvik - Studenttorget

Email: eksamen@gjovik.ntnu.no

Visiting address: Studenttorget in the Gneis-building, NTNU in Gjøvik, Teknologiveien 22, 2815 Gjøvik

Postal address: NTNU i Gjøvik, postboks 191, NO-2802 Gjøvik, Norway

NTNU in Ålesund

Email: studier@alesund.ntnu.no

Telephone: (+ 47) 73 59 50 00

Postal address: NTNU i Ålesund, postboks 1517, NO-6025 Ålesund, Norway