Emergency planning 

For employees

How to report an emergency

This page supports the systematic emergency planning and preparedness work at NTNU and is for everyone who has a role in the emergency response organization. This primarily includes managers, specialist functions and resource persons listed in the notification lists.

This is an emergency 

What is emergency planning and preparednes?

Emergency planning and preparedness is the preparation, handling and normalization of events which themselves are, or may lead to, emergencies. An emergency is any incident, expected or unexpected, which threaten life or NTNU's core business, or that reduce NTNU ability to perform normal operation.

Notification of emergency situations

  1. Handle acute situations first.
  2. Notify your leader.
  3. NTNU's emergency telephone no is 800 80 388 if you can't reach your leader.

The notification loop - when and how to notify:

Illustration of the notification loop.

Policies for preparedness at NTNU

Rector has adopted a policy of preparedness at NTNU. The purpose of the policy is to reaffirm NTNU's ambitions for the systematic emergency preparedness work, in meeting the overall requirements and guidelines set.

The policy affirms:

  • Goals for risk management, prevention and emergency planning
  • Goals for the established emergency organization
  • Goals for notification and mobilization
  • Goals for education and training
  • Goals for incident management and cooperation

Download the preparedness policy

Local emergency plans (in Norwegian)

Central administration emergency  plans


In emergency situations, official information from NTNU will be published at ntnu.no og ntnu.no/alert

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The HR and HSE division is responsible for the main emergency preparedness work. For information and advice, please contact: