Emergency planning 

For employees

This page supports the systematic emergency planning and preparedness work at NTNU and is for everyone who has a role in the emergency response organization. This primarily includes managers, specialist functions and resource persons listed in the notification lists.

NTNU's policy for preparedness describes emergency preparedness as "to be prepared to handle unwanted incidents that are extensive or seroius, and prevent incidents that can develop into emergency siuations".

In connection with emergency preparedness, public information from NTNU is published on ntnu.no and ntnu.no/alert

Notification of emergency situations

Acute events

Notify one of the emergency services and NTNU's emergency telepone.

  • Fire department: 110
  • Police: 112
  • Ambulance: 113

NTNU's emergency telephone: 800 80 388

Is the incident not acute?

Report to the nearest manager who will take it further. If you do not get a hold of your nearest manager, call NTNU's  emergency telephone: 800 80 388

Notification lists for all units - in Norwegian


Sentral og stedlig beredskapsplan

Lokale beredskapsplaner


Fellesadministrasjonens beredskapsplaner er under revisjon.






Illustrasjon av når og hvordan hendelser ved NTNU skal varsles



The HR and HSE division is responsible for the main emergency preparedness work. For infomation and advice, please contact: