HSE for employees 

Health, Safety and Environment

A good and safe working environment requires systematic and continuous HSE-work.

Laboratory and workshop handbook
NTNU's laboratory and workshop handbook is available in pdf or pocket size.

Chemicals index

An index of hazardous chemicals, hazardous materials and injurious biological elements. Find datasheets, safety info, etc. About safety datasheets

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Risk assessment

Evaluate unwanted incidents in the workplace, before they happen. Consider whether existing measures are sufficient. About risk assesment

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Report injuries, dangerous situations or violations; or, tell us how to improve health, safety and environment issues. About reporting

Report an incident 


Report illegal or unethical activities, as well as situations that damage the NTNU organization or society in general.

Whistleblower's guide 

HSE topics

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Fieldwork and travel

Laboratory and workshop

Fires and emergencies



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