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What is Research Data @NTNU?

  • a central support service for research data
  • a service for researchers and students at NTNU
  • a contact point for faculties and institutes at NTNU
  • a collaboration between the University Library and NTNU IT
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design element, icon, data management NTNU requires good research data management

Research data at NTNU should be managed according to best practice, and be as open as possible, as stated in NTNU's Policy for Open Science.

design element, icon, data management plan Data Management Plan (DMP)

All research projects at NTNU should develop a Data Management Plan describing how the research data will be managed.


deign element, icon, open research data NTNU Open Research Data

Research data at NTNU can be published and shared openly in our repository for research data, NTNU Open Data.


Data Management

Search for data

Already existing data could be of use in your research project.

Here are some resources and databases where you can search for data:

 It is also possible request access to several different public databases and registries:

If you use existing data, it is important to cite the data set. for an example of how to do this, see advice from DataCite.

Data Management Plan (DMP) and planning

All research projects at NTNU should develop a data management plan.

If your research data includes personal data, you should as a default report you project to NSD. For more information:

Storage and active management of research data

The storage guide

The IT Division at NTNU offers storage solutions for research data, meeting various need for security, collaboration and accessibility.

The storage guide provides an overview over several of the available solutions at NTNU.

Data collection

The data collection guide gives an overview of digital tools that are recommended when recording sound and video, for example when doing interviews.

Data collection

Archiving and publishing of research data

Research data at NTNU should be archived, and be published as openly as possible.

Training, guidance and support


We have regular courses on data management plans in the Virtual Library.

Presentation from our course in data managent plans: DMP in one-two-three.

Online courses 

Please contact us if you would like a visit from Research Data @NTNU at your faculty/institute/research group. See our presentation for department visits Open science for researchers at NTNU.