Course schedules (Timeplan)

For students

Your personal course schedule in Innsida

Your personal course schedule, for your registered courses, can be found on its own tab, when you are logged into Innsida.  Use this schedule to get an overview of courses, labs and conflicts.


  • Add courses
    You can add courses to this personal view — without affecting courses you are registered for — by clicking the «Add course» button below the calendar. Use this option to plan changes and identify conflicts, before you register the changes officially. 
  • Hide labs and other activities
    To hide a lab or activity, click it in the calendar. In the pop-up, click «Hide this from my timetable».  If you want to hide many items, click «Schedule summary» below the calendar, and then click the checkmark to the right of any item you want to hide.
  • Download it
    You can export the timetable, with your adjustments, to your own calendar.

Schedules for individual courses 

You can also find official course schedule, and the department responsible for any course, via NTNU's open course pages. 

Look up official course pages  

Screenshot: Timeplan i Innsida