Speak up! 

For students and employees

In order to develop and mantain a good study and work environment, it is important that both students and staff report censurable conditions and things that do not work.

Bullying and conflicts

Illegal acts: If you are exposed to the unacceptable behavior of others, you should notify. Every alert will be followed up. You are protected against retaliation through the Working Environment Act (Arbeidsmiljøloven).

Unacceptable behaviour - harassment and conflict.




Teaching quality and learning environment

If course evaluations were not conducted or followed up, you should report problems with teaching quality or learning environment.

Report a problem about teaching quality and learning environment

Health, safety and environment

report injuries, dangerous situations, violations - or tell us how to improve helath, safety and environment (HSE) at NTNU.

Report problem


Information security and privacy breach

A non-conformity is a violation of internal procedures, regulations and laws concerning information processing.
A digital security incident can occur as a recult of a cyber attac, technical failure, or human error.
A privacy breach can be a result of both, when personal data is threatened.

Report non-conformities.

Report digital security incidents and privacy breach, and when in doubt: soc@ntnu.no

Sexual harassment

If you have been subjected to sexual harassment or are being sexually harassed verbally, non verbally or physically, there is help.

Reports regarding sexual harassment at NTNU will be handled by an external committee.

Reporting sexual harassment

Buildings and rooms

If you experience problems with ventilation, cleaning, technical or other fysical problems in rooms or buildings, please contact e-costodial services.

Have you experienced cencurable conditions at NTNU but are not ready to notify? You can have a noncommittal chat with one of these:

For students

For employees