Explanation of grades and appeals

Ask for explanation of grades, appeal grades or appeal of other individual decisions. 

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Explanation of grades #

If you plan to appeal a grade you were awarded, you should first read through the guidelines for examiners and request an explanation of the grade. A written guideline is prepared for all examinations and should be available after the grade has been determined. You should get the explanation of the grade within two weeks, either orally or in writing, at the examiner's discretion.   

Deadline: 1 week from the date the exam results were announced.

Exception: The deadline is 3 weeks for external candidates and students who have lost their admission to study at NTNU. You will find more information and the application form under "External candidates / Lost admission to study" in the text below.

You can only request an explanation after the examination result is announced. If a course consists of multiple sub-assessments, you must request an explanation after each sub-assessment has been announced. For oral or practical examinations, you must request an explanation immediately after you have been informed of the grade. 

Requesting an explanation of grade awarded #

Use the general form and send the request to the Faculty the course belongs to.

 Request for explanation of grade 

External candidates/Lost admission to study

Appealing a grade  #

  1. You can appeal a grade if you are not satisfied with your grade. You can appeal without asking for an explanation of the grade.
  2. Complaints about the grading of group work, where a common grade is given, must be sent individually. Any change of grade will only apply to the complainant.
  3. You cannot appeal the assessment of an oral examination. The same applies to other assessments that cannot be reviewed because of the nature of the test (such as practical training).
  4. Students can appeal a grade only after it has been announced. If the course consists of several assessments, you need to specify whether you are appealing the grade from one or more assessments. This is only possible when each assessment is given a grade. Note that if you appeal a grade on a portifolio assessment, all parts of the portifolio will be assessed again.
  5. The course description can state that you can appeal a grade after a mid-term assessment, when the received grade prevents you from finishing the course on time.
  6. New examiners must be appointed for any appeal. These examiners should not have any information about the initial grade, the explanation for it or the basis for the student's appeal.
  7. The result from the appeal process is final and may be the same as, better or worse than the original grade. You can can not appeal against the new grade.
  8. If you resit an exam to improve your grade and appeal this grade, the grade you will be awarded is the better grade after the first and final grades are compared.
  9. If the grade is based on both a written and an oral examination, and the assessment of the written part of the examination is changed, a new oral examination will be held to determine the final grade.
  10. Results from the appeal process (graded after 1 July 2018) who deviates with two or more grades from the original grade, will be reviewed again before a final grade is determined. 
  11. You are able to withdraw the appeal until the complaint is settled.

Deadline #

  • The deadline is three weeks from the date the examination results were announced
  • If you have asked for an explanation of the grade or sent a complaint regarding a procedural error in connection with an examination, the deadline for sending the appeal against the grade is three weeks from when you receive the explanation or when the ruling on the procedural error is given.

Send the appeal #

Use the general form and send the appeal to the Faculty the course belongs to.

 Appeal a grade 

If you are an external candidate or have lost your admission to study at NTNU, you will not be able to use the web form. Use the pdf-form:

Appeal individual decisions? #

As a student you can appeal individual decisions, for example:

  • Decisions on admission
  • Grade awarded
  • Procedural errors in connection with exams, such as errors in the way the exam was held, in an exam question or the grading of exams
  • Denial of your application to take an exam
  • Denial of your application for exemption from an exam
  • Refusal to recognize a course / professional training which is a necessary element of the study programme
  • Refusal to recognize the academic training component of a doctoral programme
  • Denial of your application for specific recognition of external studies
  • Denial of your application for exemption from the rule on admission to the next year of study and termination of admission
  • Denial of your application for the right to use a title on the basis of education obtained outside Norway

Appeals of admissions decisions #

For admissions under the Norwegian Universities and Colleges Admissions Service, send the appeal to the institution that has dealt with the application or that has given you the reason for the decision. To appeal against refusal of an application for admission, send your appeal to the organization that rejected the application. The appeal deadline is three weeks from the date on which you received notification of the refusal or from the date on which you received the reason for the refusal.

Appeal of procedural errors #

If there has been an error in the examination procedure, the questions, or the award of grades, you can appeal the procedural errors related to the examination. Send the appeal to the Faculty. The appeal deadline is three weeks from the date you find out, or should have found out, about the matter that gives you reason to appeal. If you have asked for an explanation of a grade or appealed against a grade, the time limit starts when you receive the explanation or the final ruling on the appeal.

Where should you send the appeal – and what is the deadline? #

Send the appeal to the body that made the decision. The appeal deadline is three weeks from the date on which you receive the decision. In certain cases, the appeal may be dealt with even though the deadline has expired.

Who considers the appeal? #

Except for the cases above, the appeal must be considered by the same body that previously made the decision, which may:

  • Dismiss the appeal (for example, if the appeal deadline has passed)
  • Annul or change the decision if it finds that the appeal was justified
  • Uphold the decision

If the decision is upheld, the appeal should be submitted to the superior authority (appeals body), which will make a final ruling on the appeal. For most individual decisions, the central Appeals Committee at NTNU is the appeals body. However, the academic regulations and special regulations may have other provisions. For refusals of applications for admission, which are organized through the Norwegian Universities and Colleges Admission Service, a joint National Appeals Committee has been established.

The Central Appeals Committee #

The Central Appeals Committee at NTNU is established by the university's Kollegiet (Senate), and has five members. The chair must fulfil the statutory requirements for judges. Two members must be from the academic staff and two must be students.

Legislation and regulations: #

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