Student Card

Employee? See Employee card

As an NTNU student, you must have an ID card with your name and picture. The card serves as your:

Please wear your student card, and keep it visible if you are on campus after opening hours. If requested by NTNU's duty officers, you are obligated to show them your student card. The student card is personal and lending it, or otherwise transfering it to others, is strictly prohibited.

New student card

Step 1: Take photo and choose PIN

Use NTNU's online photo automat to take a new photo with your mobile phone or computer. You can also upload a passport photo you already have. Log in with your NTNU username and password.     

After you take or upload your photo, you will be prompted to choose a PIN code, and elect the place where you will collect the completed student card (Trondheim Gløshaugen, Trondheim Dragvoll, Gjøvik or Ålesund).

Step 2: Collect your card

Wait two working days. You must pickup for card from the relevant location (see below) in person. Remember to download the student ID app and bring a valid ID when you pick up your card. The photo in your student ID app will show up after your student ID card has been printed.

Pick up your card here


Lost card?

It will cost NOK150 to replace your card with a new student card. You can pay with a debit card or credit card. See more information and map for the different cities at the bottom of this page. 


Card is worn out?

If your student card is worn out, you can get a new card by turning in your old card. See more information and map for the different cities at the bottom of this page. 



Access cards are automatically renewed when you pay your semester fee. If you need extendes access, please contact your faculty.

ID card for guests?

Use this form to apply for ID cards for external visitors (in Norwegian only).

Guests in Ålesund must contact Campus-IT in C-blokka, 1st. floor (2. etg.)

What are the photo requirements?

The image you submit for use on your access card must be similar to a passport photo. You will have to pay for a new access card yourself if you upload or take a photo that violates the policy. Read the photo requirements for access cards.


You can pick-up your student card here.



Note that students at the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences also need admission to the hospital (Norw. only)


You can pick-up your card at the IT-services' counter (in the basement of the Kobolt building). 



You can pick-up your card at reception in the main building.