New at NTNU

An overview for new employees

Welcome as a new employee at NTNU.

This page contains useful information for new employees. 

New at NTNU

Welcome meeting: Your new supervisor will meet with you on your first day of work to give you a quick overview of the organization and your work assignments. You will then arrange for an introductory meeting where you will discuss what will be expected of you in your new role, and what kinds of job-related training you need to get started.

Follow-up meeting: You should have a follow-up meeting with your supervisor over the course of the next 2-5 months to discuss how you have fared during your first few months on the job. You should also discuss your overall work situation and if there are things or work assignments that you would like to change in the future.

PS! Make sure to activate your user account as soon as possible. This grants you access to NTNU's IT systems.

Getting to know NTNU

Mentor programme

As a new employee you will have a mentor who can show you around and help you get settled in.

Access cards (ID card)

One of the first things you need to do is to get an NTNU ID card, with your name, picutre and signature. The card also serves as an access card for the building in which your office is located.

PC and software

For questions concerning IT, check the IT self-help pages or contact your local IT-support.

Here's what you need to get started

Activate user account

Activate your user account to get access to e-mail, software, intranet, Paga (NTNU's payroll system) etc.


Land-line telephone I Getting listed in the telephone directory I Out of Office messaging/forwarding I (Everything you need to know about phones)

You can also use a mobile phone instead of a land-line phone. Mobile phones and mobile subscriptions.


If you need equipment or other tools to do your job, read here about ordering procedures. Talk to your mentor to find out more about how work-related gear, supplies or tools are ordered in your office or group.

Health and safety (HSE)

All divisions or groups have a  safety representative whose responsibility is to make certain that employees work in a safe, productive environment. This concerns everything from indoor air quality to the working environment and handling of chemicals.

If you are going to work in a laboratory or workshop, you must become familiar with HSE practices and routines.
If you are going to work with dangerous chemicals or biological materials, check with your supervisor to see if you should be vaccinated and be given a medical examination.

Find your safety representative I Workplace accommodations for special needs I Computer glasses I ErgonomicsAll HSE services

Checklist for new employees

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Working hours

Regular:    08:00 to 15:45
Summer:   08:00 to 15:00.

Flextime I Overtime I Types of leave More about work hours and absence

Finding housing

Help finding housing

Help for new non-Norwegian researchers

NTNU's International Researcher Support

Questions you might have

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)
New employee trial (probationary) period
Labour unions at NTNU

Visiting NTNU?

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